CxO Forum’s Global Digital Summit – A foray into Pakistan’s tech landscape

When it comes to the growth and development of the tech landscape in Pakistan, we’re seeing a lot of movement,

How to avoid burnout in a super competitive corporate world

What are two things which one gets as a result of working the whole month and getting short breaks in

The Top 5 Best Episodes of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural

After 7 seasons of content going from hilarious to horrific, following the Ghoulboys, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej as they

Marketing, Ads & More 📢

Pakistani Brand Fashion Advertisement
Creativity Marketing

4 Pakistani Brands Who’ve Taken Fashion Advertisement To A

When it comes to the fashion industry everything, from images to advertisements and the message given in those advertisements, needs to be just the right

PSL Ads - The Best and Worst
Adverts Marketing

The Best and Worst PSL Ads of 2021

PSL brings us a lot more than cricket every year. It’s the anticipation of which new players will be performing in the tournament, what the

Twitter Effectiveness
Miscellaneous Social Media

Twitter: A Useful Channel Or A Destructive Platform?

Twitter, just like any other social media platform, was created to make connecting with people easier on a global level. And it has done so

google display network
Adverts Marketing

GDN Ad Sizes And Formats – The Ultimate List

When it comes to Google ads, every company either wants to run display ads to gain customers or retarget on the Google Display Network. Whatever

Entertainment 🎬

10 Funniest Fictional Women
Entertainment TV Shows

10 Funniest Fictional Women In The World Of Comedy

Comedy has always been a great entertainment genre, and there have been tons of fictional women and men who have made their mark as the

Animated Movies
Entertainment Movies

5 Animated Movies That Taught Us Great Life Lessons

We started seeing films in the 2000s that went beyond the tale of a princess meeting her prince, living happily ever after, adventurous cartoons, and

tech podcasts
IT & Tech Podcasts

Three Tech Podcasts You Should Be Following In 2020

Technology has made our life very comfortable in the past decade, we have seen with technological advancements happening at a rapid pace it is necessary

The Magic of Michael Schur’s Sitcoms
Entertainment TV Shows

The Magic Of Michael Schur’s Sitcoms: What Makes Them So Great?

Sitcoms are important to many people, mostly because we all need something light to watch at the end of a draining day at work or

Music Bands to Calm Your Nerves
Entertainment Music

9 Music Bands To Calm Your Nerves On A Hectic Day

We are part of a fast-paced world, where every task and activity needs to be done in a limited time, with limited resources. All of

Moira Rose
Entertainment Growth & Learning

7 Times Moira Rose Was A Great Mentor For Everyone

Schitt’s Creek’s Moira Rose, matriarch and actor, played by Catherin O’Hara, is a diva first and an inspiration later. Behind her smart wit and amazing

Entrepreneurs & MVPs 💡

Haseeb Tariq
Entrepreneurs Influencers

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Haseeb Tariq

From Pakistan to the US, this influencer has made his mark creating content that took him from being an engineering graduate from Sir Syed University to a marketing genius who’s worked for some of the world’s top brands

Mainstream X Sennen Disouza

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Sennen Desouza

Growth & Learning 👇

Apple's Newest MacBook Features And Specs
IT & Tech Tools & Apps

Apple’s Newest MacBook Features And Specs

In January 1984, Apple introduced and started to sell its series of computers as Macintosh computers. MacBook is a brand of this series designed by Apple. It’s further divided into two more lines i.e. MacBook Pro (Apple’s higher-end laptops available in 13” and 16” screen sizes) and MacBook Air (Apple’s least expensive laptops, previously available

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