Not Just a Cadbury Ad brings Shahrukh Khan to Small Businesses

Who doesn’t know of Cadbury? Its striking purple color, that iconic taste, and its memorable ads have positioned the brand

How to avoid burnout in a super competitive corporate world

What are two things which one gets as a result of working the whole month and getting short breaks in

Pakistan vs India – Best Memes After Pakistan’s Historic Win

The T20 World Cup 2021 campaign began for Pakistan with their first clash coming against the fiercest rivals, and neighbors,

Marketing, Ads & More 📢

Generation Human Content

How Generation Uses Human Content For Their Brand

In this highly competitive era your brand must stand out in order to succeed and Generation, being one of the oldest Pakistani brands, knows exactly

The Best Emotional Advertisements From Around the World
Marketing Marketing Psychology

The Best Emotional Advertisements From Around the World

What are Emotional Advertisements? The best way to entice people to purchase your product is to make them remember your brand. For this purpose of

Twitter Effectiveness
Miscellaneous Social Media

Twitter: A Useful Channel Or A Destructive Platform?

Twitter, just like any other social media platform, was created to make connecting with people easier on a global level. And it has done so

Telemart Removing Customer Feedback
Marketing Marketing Fails

Is Telemart Removing Customer Feedback From Their Page?

Social media may have its drawbacks but you’ll agree when I say that it has definitely provided users transparency and choice when it comes to

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Shows To Watch While You Wait For Stranger Things 4
Entertainment TV Shows

5 Shows To Watch While You Wait For Stranger Things 4

It’s been more than a year since season 3 of Stranger Things came out, and apart from a teaser that was released in early 2020,

Netflix's ‘The Haunting’ Anthology
Entertainment TV Shows

How Netflix’s ‘The Haunting’ Anthology Redefines Horror

Repeatedly, we’ve come across horror movies or shows that have demanded our attention from the start to the end without fail. After a while, though,

Short Films You Can Watch At Work
Entertainment Short Films

5 Short Films You Can Watch At Work

If you feel like you’re getting bored at work and want to watch something during lunch to break the monotonous routine, short films are here

Moira Rose
Entertainment Growth & Learning

7 Times Moira Rose Was A Great Mentor For Everyone

Schitt’s Creek’s Moira Rose, matriarch and actor, played by Catherin O’Hara, is a diva first and an inspiration later. Behind her smart wit and amazing

spencer movie
Entertainment Movies

Spencer – A new movie cashing on the same old Lady Diana

If you’re a Lady Diana fan and have come upon this article on this fine day, especially after watching the trailer of Spencer, you’re in

Squid Game subtitles
Entertainment TV Shows

Squid Game Subtitles – What Netflix did wrong

If you haven’t been living under a rock and have a good idea of what Netflix is, you’ve probably heard of the Korean series, Squid

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Usama Ahmed from MasterClass Pakistan
Branding Marketing Strategy

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Usama Ahmed

Every time you talk to Usama Ahmed, you’ll find him talking about strategy – what will set your product apart, how will it perform in the market, and why should people choose it instead of other alternatives available.

Mainstream X Sennen Disouza

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Sennen Desouza

Growth & Learning 👇

canva presentation templates
IT & Tech Tools & Apps

The Best Canva Presentation Templates You Can Use

Looking for an easy way to create presentations from your mobile or desktop? Look into an efficient web-based design tool where you can create everything from design posts to creative presentations, i.e. Canva for Presentations. With this feature, you gain access to a number of presentation templates on Canva on various topics from education to

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