Advertising on Snapchat – A Guide for Pakistanis

Snapchat isn’t a platform widely used by the older generations, but when it comes to Gen-Z and millennials, this platform

How to avoid burnout in a super competitive corporate world

What are two things which one gets as a result of working the whole month and getting short breaks in

Spider-Man: No Way Home – The Wildest Fan Theories We’ve Come Across So Far

With Spider-Man: No Way Home just 2 weeks away from release, we’ve gotten theory after theory of what this movie

Marketing, Ads & More 📢

sell this pen
Marketing Sales Strategy

Can You Sell This Pen?

“If you’re so good at marketing, sell me this pen.” In the bible of tough interview questions, this one stands at the top. Interviewees across

OLX Vs. - Best Marketplace Comparison
Marketing Marketing Strategy

OLX Vs. – Best Marketplace Comparison

Any place where things or services are available for sale is known as a marketplace. The marketplace is of two major types: online and offline

WhatsApp Facts
Growth & Learning Social Media

40 WhatsApp Facts And Figures

At the time of its introduction, WhatsApp was a unique free messaging app. In the same year, it introduced multimedia features and later became available

Reach vs Impressions
Digital Marketing Marketing

Reach Vs Impressions – And Why Are Both Important

Reach and impressions are two very important metrics digital marketers use to analyze the success or failure of their digital marketing strategy. But for a

Entertainment 🎬

Movies Better Than Books
Entertainment Movies

These Movies Are Far Better Than The Book

Whenever the movie adaptation of a well-loved book is announced, ardent book fans collectively gasp. More with cynicism than with excitement. After all, the thought

pakistan vs australia
Entertainment Memes

Pakistan vs Australia – Fans React in Memes as Pakistan’s T20 World

After the phenomenal run Pakistan has had ever since kicking off the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 against India, it all came to a bittersweet

pak vs nz: black caps security threat resolved
Entertainment Memes

Pak vs NZ: Black Caps’ Security Threat Resolved? Fans troll after Pakistan’s

New Zealand, although a very important and tough rival, has never been disliked by the fans of the Pakistan Cricket Team; to the point that

Pakistani Travel Vlogs
Entertainment Vlogs

Pakistani Travel Vlogs: 6 People Who Are Doing it Right

If you’re someone looking to go traveling across Pakistan, you need to do proper research into the places you will want to visit, and the

10 Funniest Fictional Women
Entertainment TV Shows

10 Funniest Fictional Women In The World Of Comedy

Comedy has always been a great entertainment genre, and there have been tons of fictional women and men who have made their mark as the

Pakistani Shows on Zee5
Entertainment Movies

Top Pakistani Shows on Zee5 You Should Watch – Part 2

When Pakistan and India used to be on considerably better relationships, India’s channel Zee Zindagi used to solely air Pakistani dramas. These dramas were loved

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Mainstream X Sennen Disouza
Entrepreneurs MVPs

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Sennen Desouza

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They accept a life of backbreaking work in tough, competitive markets just to launch a product that may or may not even succeed. But they persevere, and that’s why they are called adventurers,

Haseeb Tariq

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Haseeb Tariq

Growth & Learning 👇

Design Thinking be used in Marketing Agencies
Design Thinking Growth & Learning

How Can Design Thinking Be Used In Marketing Agencies?

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is a buzzword nowadays. It is basically an iterative & solution-based approach for creative problem-solving. It involves understanding the user, designing & implementing a solution & then refining it to suit the end-users’ needs. The process consists of multiple phases of execution which include: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test

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