Everything You Should Know About Engro’s Break ke Baad Program

Engro Corporation is one of the largest corporations in Pakistan which deal with fertilizers, petrochemicals, power generation, and telecom infrastructure.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts via Creator Studio

Third-party apps, like Buffer, may seem like a good option when it comes to scheduling posts on Instagram, but they

All the Marvel movies and shows you should be looking forward to in 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gives us something special each year, but this year’s releases are going to be even more

Marketing, Ads & More 📢

5 Best Books On Influencer Marketing
Books Influencer Marketing

5 Best Books On Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is marketing that uses key opinion leaders to promote brands, goods, or services. In this marketing strategy for a business or an organization,

Cross-Cultural Fails: Brands Lost in Translation
Adverts Marketing

Cross-Cultural Fails: Brands Lost In Translation

Every brand has a particular reason behind their names, slogans, and even their logos. Reasons that nod toward a deeper understanding of their brand story

Blogging - 6 Ways Businesses Can Benefit
Brand Building Lead Generation

6 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Blogging

Why Blogging? Blogging isn’t just a temporary trend, it’s a world of fascinating facts, revealing information, current news, and content that gets viral in today’s

PSL Ads - The Best and Worst
Adverts Marketing

The Best and Worst PSL Ads of 2021

PSL brings us a lot more than cricket every year. It’s the anticipation of which new players will be performing in the tournament, what the

Entertainment 🎬

Pakistani Travel Vlogs
Entertainment Vlogs

Pakistani Travel Vlogs: 6 People Who Are Doing it

If you’re someone looking to go traveling across Pakistan, you need to do proper research into the places you will want to visit, and the

Netflix's ‘The Haunting’ Anthology
Entertainment TV Shows

How Netflix’s ‘The Haunting’ Anthology Redefines Horror

Repeatedly, we’ve come across horror movies or shows that have demanded our attention from the start to the end without fail. After a while, though,

The Magic of Michael Schur’s Sitcoms
Entertainment TV Shows

The Magic Of Michael Schur’s Sitcoms: What Makes Them

Sitcoms are important to many people, mostly because we all need something light to watch at the end of a draining day at work or

7 Bands To Listen - Instrumental Music
Entertainment Music

7 Bands To Listen To If You Are A

There is something about soft instrumental melodies that ensues a sense of serenity and peace in your soul. It calms your nerves and gently shifts

Patriotic Song List
Entertainment Music

The Ultimate Patriotic Song List For Independence Week

The 14th of August is close by, but due to the pandemic, we might be unable to join gatherings to celebrate Pakistan’s Day of Independence.

Gaming Channel Ideas for YouTubers
Entertainment video games

Five Gaming Channel Ideas For YouTubers

It’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed if you are trying to set up a gaming channel on YouTube. Let me tell you what makes it

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mush panjwani - mainstream
Entrepreneurs MVPs

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Mush Panjwani

The pursuit of happiness is a weird thing. As much as you want to accept the journey and embrace it, you always find an obstacle in your way. But there’s one personality who has not only mastered the

Haseeb Tariq

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Haseeb Tariq

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Digital Marketing Tools
Marketing Tools & Apps

4 Digital Marketing Tools That Have Grown During The Pandemic

The pandemic turned life upside down for a lot of people, and most of them were corporate geeks who’ve been relying on traditional ways of working for far too long. But when COVID-19 hit and people were forced to work online, a few best free digital marketing tools surfaced that have saved the corporate world

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