Advertising on Snapchat – A Guide for Pakistanis

Snapchat isn’t a platform widely used by the older generations, but when it comes to Gen-Z and millennials, this platform

How to avoid burnout in a super competitive corporate world

What are two things which one gets as a result of working the whole month and getting short breaks in

Spider-Man: No Way Home – The Wildest Fan Theories We’ve Come Across So Far

With Spider-Man: No Way Home just 2 weeks away from release, we’ve gotten theory after theory of what this movie

Marketing, Ads & More 📢

Unconventional ads from global brands

20 Unconventional Ads By Global Brands

Previously, adverts were done with the idea of just promoting the brand in the most convenient ways to make them look respectful and worthy in

Post Covid Ads from International Brands
Adverts Marketing

Post-Covid Ads from International Brands

Brands train themselves for crisis management and have multiple mechanisms to create appropriate ads and campaigns at times of crisis, but COVID-19 was a first

On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO
Marketing Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO – Which One You Should

What is SEO? – Introduction Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic that’s driven to your website

Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement
Marketing Social Media

10 Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement In 2021

With 2.5 million monthly users, Facebook is the number one social media platform. All the more reason for businesses to improve their reach on it.

Entertainment 🎬

Video Games Can Be Beneficial For Teens
Entertainment video games

Video Games Can Be Beneficial For Teens: 6 Interesting Benefits

One of the most common misconceptions about games is that they are only for entertainment and diversion, but video games can play a vital role

Superhero Fatigue Syndrome
Entertainment Movies

Superhero Fatigue Syndrome – Are People Finally Tired Of The Genre

Superhero films seemed like a childish thing back in the 90s when most batman movies were being released. Then came the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Batman

Exciting New Teasers
Entertainment TV Shows

Exciting New Teasers from 2021

Every year we get to look forward to new amazing TV shows that are bound to get us hooked. This year, the new teasers of

Breaking Bad
Entertainment TV Shows

Is Breaking Bad Really The Greatest Show Of All Time?

I’m going to get this out of my chest once and for all, Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows of all time but

Indian Shows
Entertainment TV Shows

Indian Shows Stealing The Limelight In The Current Age

Thanks to the advent of online streaming channels, such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc, Indian web series and their range have grown immensely. If you

Horror Movies
Entertainment Movies

6 Movies You Can Not Miss If You Are A Fan of

From eerie dolls to giant monsters to slashers to haunted houses to corpses wandering about to psychological thrillers playing on deepest human fears, the horror

Entrepreneurs & MVPs 💡

mush panjwani - mainstream
Entrepreneurs MVPs

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Mush Panjwani

The pursuit of happiness is a weird thing. As much as you want to accept the journey and embrace it, you always find an obstacle in your way. But there’s one personality who has not only mastered the

Haseeb Tariq

Conversations With An Entrepreneur: Haseeb Tariq

Growth & Learning 👇

Differences Between UI and UX Design
IT & Tech UX/UI

4 Major Differences Between UI And UX Design

If you work in an environment focused on creating and dealing with websites, apps, games, or any other digital products, UI and UX design are terms you must be familiar with. But even so, a lot of people get confused between the two terms. Both the terms are indeed used in an intertwined manner by

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