Facebook‌ ‌Launches‌ ‌Ray Ban‌ ‌Smart‌ ‌Glasses‌

Facebook has recently created its very own smart glasses. Are you wondering what it does? Well, all your dreams about living in a futuristic land with insane devices are about to come true. These smart glasses can record videos and images with a pair of cameras, it has a microphone and speakers as well, and it also has a voice assistant which can do all these tasks without you having to do them with your own hands. This is giving me a lot of Tony Stark vibes, honestly.

In collaboration with eyeglasses company Essilor Luxottica, Facebook created these Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. The concept looks a lot like Snapchat’s Spectacles, which are currently in their third generation. Users will be able to capture photographs and videos with the two inbuilt 5 MP cameras, listen to music with in-frame speakers, and make phone conversations with the svelte frames, which are some of the most low-profile yet accessible to customers. Though in order to be fully functional, the glasses need to be connected to either an iOS or Android device, but users may save hundreds of pictures or clips on the glasses before uploading them to their devices via Facebook’s unique view app. Users will be able to apply 3D effects to the photographs and videos after uploading them to the app thanks to the dual cameras.

These RayBan Smart glasses weigh a bit less than 50 grams. As this device needs charging due to its wide functionality, it comes with a hard shell leather charging case.

The frames also have a few physical buttons, including that of a “capture” button which can record media, and also an on-off switch. The frames also have a touchpad on the right arm, through which users will be able to perform swiping functions in order to adjust the volume of the speakers. The glasses will glow with a white LED once a video is being recorded, thus people can always know if they’re being recorded.

These glasses don’t just come in a single style, in fact, they are catering to three different styles and aesthetics, with multiple lens and color combinations. Fortunately for those who require prescription lenses, RayBan Stories is compatible with them as well.

This is a significant milestone for Facebook, which first revealed information about the Ray-Ban collaboration and product during its AR/VR developers conference in September. The gadget, according to the firm, is a launching pad toward its AR goals and an attempt to familiarize customers with the concept of high-tech spectacles.

According to Facebook’s Monisha Perkash, “This will be the first pair of smart glasses people will truly want to wear.” So what do you think about this invention? Let us know!

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