Karachi University Introduced On-campus Electric Shuttles

Mobility is quite important in an urban setting, especially when it comes to students and the youth. But when your university campus is too huge to be able to access all parts of the campus just by walking, the need for better access to transport is inevitable. Karachi University is one of those universities, and the students there know the pain of trying to reach their department on time but being unable to do so because of the vastness of the campus and a lack of better transportation.

KU tackled this issue by launching an on-campus electric shuttle service which is custom-built to benefit the university students, faculty, and staff in order to be able to move more conveniently within the campus. This electric shuttle service will be accessible at all campus gates, and the institution has also set up a parking space with charging stations.

The MoU was signed by Karachi University with Nationwide Transport Services  (NTS Logistics). It was then endorsed by Professor Dr. Khaliq Mehmood Iraqi, Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, and Muhammad Umer Nouman, Chief Executive Officer NTS Logistics, at  the VC Secretariat in April 2021.

According to this memorandum of agreement, 6 to 23 seater roofless electric commuting vans were provided by NTS Logistics 4 months after it was signed. This eco-friendly transport will be provided to staff, teachers, administrative personnel and university students, and a specific price for each ride. If demand increases, there is a chance of increasing these vehicles as well. In an official statement, the university emphasized that this transportation service will remain as cost-effective as possible. The facility will be open to everyone, including teachers, students, and employees.

This accessible and eco-friendly facility was introduced in order to provide ease to the University’s students and professors while simultaneously encouraging climate protection via the use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

This is definitely great news for the people of Karachi University. We expect to see more initiatives such as this, initiatives which are not just accessible to all, but which also do not take part in destroying the environment further. We also hope to see safe and accessible public transport in the future throughout Karachi. What do you think about this initiative? Let us know in the comments!

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