9 Music Bands To Calm Your Nerves On A Hectic Day

We are part of a fast-paced world, where every task and activity needs to be done in a limited time, with limited resources. All of this pressure can make our day hectic and result in stress. According to studies which you can read the article here, one of the best ways to deal with this stress is to listen to music that can calm our nerves. And fortunately, a lot of bands have come into place to make us achieve this level of relaxation and calmness. Here’s my suggestion of 9 music bands that can calm your nerves on a hectic day.

1. Coldplay

As a music fan who is crazy about Music Academy Success and new albums, the phenomena of Coldplay must have touched your life at one point or another. Every song of theirs is so beautifully performed that they’re bound to have a relaxing effect. From their oldest albums to the latest ones, the melodies, lyrics, and tunes are so powerful yet wholesome, it’s hard not to get positively influenced by the magic Chris Martin and co. induce with their songs.

2. Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is a personal favorite for me ever since the time I started listening to music properly. Whether you need a rock solution to get your nerves back on track or you need some more subtle tunes in the playlist, Breaking Benjamin deserves to be your answer. Their songs such as ‘Without You’ and ‘Dear Agony’ may have been part of mainstream media for long, but some of their latest releases aren’t given as much thought, and believe me when I say you should pay attention to more of their work, especially if you’re a rock music fan.

3. Vital Signs

Everyone remembers the golden pop era of Pakistani music, and one of the best during those days was Vital Signs. The band may not exist anymore but their influence will always remain strong on our minds. If you’re exhausted of the day you’re having and need something else to focus on, the beautiful songs of Vital Signs are here to accompany you.

4. Sleeping At Last

Another top favorite of mine, Sleeping At Last is less a band and more of a musical project. With this band, I can’t choose which one song to suggest because they’re all just that good. Their tunes consist mostly of soothing instrumental melodies, and the ones with lyrics are a level of comfort on their own. This is a band that should be part of your playlist, especially if you just want to sit back and rest or even when you’re trying to tune out the outside noises while working on your projects.

5. Vancouver Sleep Clinic

A band I discovered just some years back, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is an Australian band that has collaborated with multiple artists for their songs. Their songs have such relaxing tunes and have been sung so calmly that one can’t help but become a fan of their work. If you’re tired of the everyday pressure and just need to get away from routine for a while, listening to VSC might be of help to you!

6. Queen

If you’re a true fan of music and Queen isn’t on your playlist, then this is the moment they should become part of it. The voice of Freddie Mercury combined with the brilliance of the instruments is sure to improve your day.

7. Strings

The evergreen Strings can’t be left behind when it comes to music bands. Their brilliance in producing great music has never been something to doubt, and they keep raising the bar higher with every new release. If you’re having a hard and chaotic day, listening to them will surely do you some good.

8. Poets of The Fall

Almost everyone has listened to ‘Carnival of Rust’, and if you haven’t maybe it’s time that you should. Every song by Poets of The Fall is a work of art you need to invest more time listening to. The soothing voice of Marko Saaresto is enough to distract you from the hectic schedule you’re pressured with.

9. Portugal. The Man

I recently discovered Portugal. The Man and I was not disappointed. Their music is modernity blended with just the right gist of classic music that isn’t even obvious. Exhausted of the daily pressures and just want to rebel against the constant, repetitive system? This is the band that will help you do that in your head.

That is my suggested list of bands for you to pay attention to on a hectic day to distract yourself, distress your mind, and who knows, maybe one of their songs will end up giving you the creative boost you’ve been looking for.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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