Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

Typography 101: Things To Lookout For

We know typography as the art of arranging characters, numbers, and text in a readable layout. But in reality, typography is much more than that, and text is only one part of it. Typography is a powerful tool to attract Read More

How To Achieve A Flow State Of Mind

In this digital age, it isn’t easy to manage life activities, and there is a possibility that many things will go out of hand and out of control. With such actions taking place, it is difficult for an individual Read More

How To Get Your First Client?

Starting your career as a freelancer is not a simple thing. There are hundreds of individuals with different backgrounds and expertise who are leading the entrepreneurial markets. So what do you have to do to sustain as an entrepreneur in Read More

How Indecision Can Kill Your Future

Overview: “Everybody is responsible for their actions and decisions in life,” I read this written on a wall somewhere. But all and all, they will benefit them in the future. Being indecisive and non-serious in life can actually hurt your Read More