Weirdest Food Inventions In Pakistan

We live in an extremely divided country, but the one thing that brings us all together is our shared love for food. And rightly so. Pakistan is known for its delicious choice in cuisine, and our people for their hospitality. If you entered a food court in any popular mall in Karachi, you’d meet a crowd trying everything – from savories like paratha rolls, bbq items, or fast food, to an array of desserts.

And in a country like this where food is so well-loved and appreciated, it makes sense to have brands that want to give you the best food experience; and they usually do. But over time, there have been a few plain weird food campaigns that have tried to bring a twist to popular food items. From Mirchili’s Gappa Gotala to KFC’s Zingeratha, our brands haven’t shied away from bringing the best of desi-western fusion in their offerings.

But while some hit their mark and become public favorites, some do little except bringing some viral hype to the brand. And today, we’re discussing the hits and misses that we’ve experienced in our local food scene.

1) Donza – Dunkin Donuts

The most recent member of the Dunkin menu, the Donza, is a sugar coma, or in worst cases, a diabetes-inducing mix between a pizza and doughnuts. While it looks aesthetic in pictures, the idea of mixing two holy grail food items into one seems too cringey and highly unnecessary. As Osamah Nasir says, “who wished for this demon?”


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2) Chocolate Fries – OPTP

You may have heard of people dipping their fries in milkshakes, but chocolate fries are a whole new atrocity that may have been invented by these very people. Introduced back in 2018, these fries are an offense to our potato loving sensibilities. Imagine fries with ketchup, then replace that ketchup with Nutella. Aside from the absurd combination, it’s also a cholesterol nightmare. So we suggest that you stick with an occasional fry dipped in milkshake, or biryani with zarda if you like it the desi way.

3) Kulki Soda

Kulki sodas aren’t an unknown phenomenon, but Karachi came upon them recently and the whole thing just blew up, as viral food does. Think of ice cream soda, Amrood candy, and then mix them and you’ll have a glass of Kulki Soda ready to enjoy. We haven’t really tried it ourselves, but we can tell you that the way Karachiites flocked to try this viral sensation, it must have been a thing to behold.


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4) Chocolate Gol Gappas

Doesn’t this image feel like it’s ruining the sanctity of the staple street food we all love?


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This chocolate variant of our favorite staple doesn’t leave us with much except for nightmares of upset paani puris, and maybe also our digestive systems.

5) Dulhan Paratha

Pakistan’s obsession with Shadi and Dulhans has also entered our food scene. An invention of Cafe Afzal in Hyderabad, this paratha is decked with savory condiments and additions, and is named “Dulhan” because, well, we do the same with our brides, don’t we? Not that we mind the look of it. It does seem appetizing, but we wonder what will happen to the dish if fast food brands ever adopted it.


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So what do you think about the above food inventions? Are we missing some “creative” ideas from our market? Tell us about them in the comments.

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