Trax Introduces Try And Buy Shopping For The First Time In Pakistan

Imagine how easy and less disappointing life would be if your online orders came right. It would definitely have been easy for Ali Taimoor, whose empty Daraz order experience was equally disheartening for everyone who watched his video.

And really, think about it. How many of us shy away from online orders only because we can’t judge product quality? While eCommerce is on a growing trend in our country, people still have inhibitions in shopping online only because of this challenge. But all that’s going to change with Trax’s new Try and Buy (TryNBuy) feature that’s being introduced for the first time in Pakistan.

Being part of the country’s eCommerce industry since its boom, Trax felt the need to introduce this idea after realizing the challenge of trust and reliability in this sector. Here’s what Zunair Muzaffar, Marketing Lead at Trax had to say about this new feature, “At Trax, our innovation plans usually start with a problem at hand. In this case, the problem was the inability of the consumer to try the product before they purchase it, because of which online shopping was almost a gamble, plus the constant fear of fake shipment and product frauds was constantly lurking. Keeping these two challenges, we came up with the idea of sending the shelf to you rather than just one product.”

A move that can break a lot of barriers to online shopping in Pakistan, the Try and Buy (TryNBuy) service will allow customers to maintain the “touch and feel” factor that people find missing while purchasing products online, especially apparel or makeup and accessories. The TrynBuy feature allows customers to book more than one product that’s brought to them in transparent packing, which they can then open, check products for quality, and then pick and pay for the product(s) they like. This means that not only are you getting a real shopping experience, but you’re also getting it right at your doorstep!

In the introductory phase, Try and Buy feature will be available in selected cities in Pakistan. Also, the company plans to expand this service in the coming months across Pakistan.

This service can bring Trax to the forefront of eCommerce logistics because of its innovative nature. We’re here to see how Try and Buy performs in the Pakistani market, and look forward to how it can change traditional shopping for a whole new section of buyers.

Learn more about Try and Buy with Mainstream. Visit now.

Zainab Abdul Rehman

Content and strategy specialist with a head full of ideas that I never get time to execute.

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