Sabahat Fatima

I am a dynamic, self-driven professional with 3 years of experience in content and blog writing in various niches. I'm passionate about writing and contributing to projects that need high-quality content.

Why Shouldn’t I Be Positive All The Time?

There’s nothing essentially incorrect with being positive. In reality, it can be a power for good that assists in encouraging you for your future. But positivity can also become detrimental when it’s influential, artificial, or delegitimizes the original Read More

7 Books To Level Up Your Savings Mindset

Saving enough money includes vigilant budgeting and planning, but numerous people have trouble saving an appropriate amount of money. Hence 7 basic financial books tell the tactics for planning, budgeting, getting rid of debt, and managing your money effectively. 1. The 9 steps Read More

4 Best Platforms For Food Businesses In 2020

For restaurants, food businesses, and online food delivery portals, digital marketing can be the best way of promoting, as well as running the business. Their primary target customer base is tech-savvy and remains continuously active on various online social media Read More