Top 5 English Learning Apps To Improve Your English Speaking Skills In A Month

Upgrading your English speaking skills isn’t hard anymore, and some apps play a vital role in that. These apps are fast, easy to use and access, and also fun. It’s similar to taking mini-lectures on your gadgets, or these applications are instantly available on your phone to use whenever you are tired of something or have a lot of time to kill. Though apps can’t change your practical life teacher, they do make huge alternatives to your usual English Language lectures. Many of these apps provide English learning games in terms of terminologies, grammar education, storybooks and videos/audios. So if you haven’t installed any of the mentioned below apps, start downloading now.


Duolingo is an English learning app available for free and with a known global presence. To provide you with the most appropriate learning direction, it will give you an easy examination to authenticate your level of English. After this, you will get a course on your level. It comprises mini-classes that make branches of the proficiency tree and your aim. Also, your goal is to finish all those lessons. Moreover, you can also get access to the library courses which provide you with more concrete lectures and brief discussions, helping you enhance your listening and reading abilities. You can also have the chance to connect in the meeting with other students to practice your English abilities and also expand your social network.

eJOY English

eJOY is an English learning multi-purpose app. eJOY will assist you to learn English with joy, fun, and eagerness with around 50,000 videos uploaded from varying subject matters related to TV shows, TED Talk, films, music videos, and many fascinating courses. With eJOY, you can simply remember vocabulary by saving them to the WordPad while watching videos and practicing whenever you want with other types of games.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a globally standardized English learning app, using voice recording and voice examination which help students to study local English dialects. The app is separated into various mini parts such as pronunciation, glossary, language rules, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Lectures of the Busuu app are compiled by following the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), comprising A1, A2, B1, B2. With the above 150 topics in a day for every course, students can take in information about phonetics, terminology through audio, podcast, PDF files provided by Busuu. The exciting fact of Busuu is that you cannot only learn English but also several other languages (12 other languages) by taking online courses for free.

English Attack

English Attack is an English learning website, intended for English students from years 15 to 25. This educational forum helps learners to study English with the help of videos from popular films, movies, TV shows, news reports and music videos. For each video, you watch you can apply what you have learned from the video by doing assessments with related content.


English is a complex, but globally recognized official language. It’s one of the widely spoken languages of the world. Learning English is a bit hard, but rewarding them because you can use it anywhere. Above mentioned is the list of 5 best English learning software/ apps are the amazing apps that help people in learning proficient English.

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