4 Best Platforms For Food Businesses In 2020

For restaurants, food businesses, and online food delivery portals, digital marketing can be the best way of promoting, as well as running the business. Their primary target customer base is tech-savvy and remains continuously active on various online social media platforms. So, it makes perfect sense for food businesses to take advantage of this fact by reaching out & connecting with customers on different digital marketing channels. The following are some of the top 4 and best digital media platforms for food businesses.


Facebook is the most popular and remarkable digital marketing method to drive traffic to your food business. To use Facebook to market your restaurant or any food business, create a business page with your restaurant’s name, address, opening/closing timings, menu, and a link to your website.

On Facebook, you can easily target the audience through Facebook Insights. It shows up the demographics of the audience based on their gender, age, profession, preference, taste, ease, etc. Hence you can make use of your money at the relevant targeted audience. You can also have paid marketing campaigns, promotional ads, stories, etc. This will then result in engaging more customers and higher conversion rates.


Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms that have approximately 300 million users who post photos every day.

This platform serves best for all the popular celebrities, fashion designers, marketers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, photographers, TV channels, and several other people and organizations who want to get famous with their images being posted and so make their existence known to the world. On Instagram, you can make use of stories along with AR technology to create awareness. By managing a proper profile with your audience can increase the reach rapidly.

Instagram gives several options in terms of marketing like filters, location, etc. Managing these features will boost the ratings of your restaurant.


The Twitter audience will be glad to support by commenting through trending hashtags and the vital aspect is, most of the time users tend to take interest to know about what the world is nowadays speaking.

Google MyBusiness

Google My Business (GMB) is a necessary marketing platform for food businesses with brick and mortar locations. Through GMB, you can keep posted your recent business information on Google, appear on Google Maps, let customers make reservations at your location, get directions and call on your locations, and connect with existing and potential customers by responding to their reviews and ratings.


Therefore, Restaurants can and should be using numerous online restaurant platforms for online marketing. The digital age has brought us more digital marketing options than ever before. The food industry is huge and most beneficial; if you have targeted your strategy well.

Sabahat Fatima

I am a dynamic, self-driven professional with 3 years of experience in content and blog writing in various niches. I'm passionate about writing and contributing to projects that need high-quality content.

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