8 Client Types You Don’t Need In Your Life

In the years of the industrialized world, it has been found that customers are an essential part of your business. But being able to know them and sustain them is even more significant.

Whether you’re working remotely or at the office, you’ve perhaps to deal with clients that make your blood pressure increase. The following stated are the 8 types of clients whom you should avoid working with them in your professional life.

The Design Expert

They believe that they have a vision for design, and think that their recommendations are the huge development on anything you’ve put together.

The Indecisive Executive

Their response could be helpful if it didn’t always oppose itself. This customer tells you to go one way, and then to turn around in the exact opposite direction.

The Confused Commander

Suggestive of Dilbert’s manager in the renowned comic band, the Confused Commander employs you for something they don’t know but still gives you suggestions on how to perform it.

The Ghost

After throwing away a huge load of work on you, they vanish and never be seen or heard again. Maybe they have already paid the upfront amount.

The Client Who Cried Wolf

Everything is in an urgent situation for this person. You get multiple calls, messages, and emails from them in a day. It seems like there is an urgent issue for that client.

The Feedback Failure

This customer has very exact criticism of thoughts and ideas but completely fails in interacting with you. Opinions are common, biased, and open to explanation, that doesn’t help change things along at all.

The Penny Pinching Visionary

The Penny Pinching Visionary has a very limited budget, but their expectations and demands are very high for your work.

The Workaholic

Since they work round the clock, they expect you too to work 24/7. They expect a prompt reply. This person is likely to be awake and connected 24/7, and is wondering why you haven’t responded to their last email.

Though comforting these types of customers can be annoying, here are some guidelines on what you can do when you have to experience with such difficult clients:

  • Provide them a clear deadline and deliverables. Tell your customer exactly what you’ll be doing for them, when the task will be completed, and what they can expect the finished consequence to be in writing.
  • Record your time. If you know your customer is doubtful of how long you say things take, record time for every part of a project and be ready to send the customer a summary for your project updates. Though they may not rely upon that you recorded your time properly, it gives them and you an idea to go off of the same kinds of projects in the future.
  • Remain calm. This looks evident, but it is essential to stay calm and optimistic. If you get annoyed it will only disturb the situation.
  • Set practical expectations. Don’t agree that you’ll do something you’re not certain if you can.

Sabahat Fatima

I am a dynamic, self-driven professional with 3 years of experience in content and blog writing in various niches. I'm passionate about writing and contributing to projects that need high-quality content.

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