Sabahat Fatima

I am a dynamic, self-driven professional with 3 years of experience in content and blog writing in various niches. I'm passionate about writing and contributing to projects that need high-quality content.

5 Best E-Commerce Platforms For Your Online Store

What are E-Commerce Platforms? E-Commerce platforms let manufacturers to show their product catalog and allows them to perform the online transactions of buying and selling. Various e-commerce transactions are B2C (Business-to-Consumer). While some of them also support more difficult Read More

6 Tips For First Time Freelancer

Freelancing can be one of the most worthwhile and satisfying methods of earning money all over the world. The opportunity to make a difference with your skills and talents and the liberty to make your own rules are just two Read More

How To Be A Charismatic Leader

Real and genuine leaders have charisma, that appealing characteristic makes others want to chase you. This is a learnable characteristic that you can develop, eventually. It gives the leader or the manager the innovation that they need to provide their Read More