3 Hours Of Creativity Is Enough To Change Your Life

Busy life schedules have made our lives a time machine. Like going to bed at ten and waking up early in the morning for work, following the deadlines, skipping meals, and there are hundreds of things we do daily.

In this never-ending chase of life, we have left behind the creative aspect of ourselves. People should take care of their leisure as it helps them in keeping their selves alive because daily work routine and responsibilities can be difficult sometimes to digest.

It is essential to reserve some time for yourself to rejuvenate your creativity. Indulge yourself in some activities that give a boost to your soul.

Activities to Follow:

1) Reading Books:

Book reading is the best leisure time activity a person can have. Reading books helps in relaxing and focusing. Reading books can increase the reader’s knowledge. If a person is fond of books, you’ll find him traditional and inevitable in mannerism.

Besides reading books, blog post writing, and reading can also be a way of memory refreshment. Reading blogs can help in gaining good ideas about how the different processes in our daily life take place.

Transferring knowledge through blog posts is something different. If a person is writing blogs online, he/she is not only transferring essential knowledge, but he is also refreshing his memory as in the writing process, he may encounter some new ideas which may have been missing in his to-do list.

2) Workout/Exercises:

Not a three-hour creativity exercise, but a workout can help in relaxing and gaining the focus back. While working out, all your focus is on the moves and the angles of the body that helps in understanding the motions and control of different body parts.

As far as relaxing is concerned, swimming is the best workout to do. While swimming, the adrenaline flow, and the muscular relaxation are at its peak. Rather than lifting heavyweights in the gym, if people focus on relaxing exercises, it can be the best way to drain out stress and anxieties.

3) Watching Movies/Videos:

Watching inspirational movies/videos can help in rejuvenating both our body and mind. Not all genres of movies and videos are suitable for gaining such relaxation. Videos related to nature, life, and productivity can give you a sigh of relief that adds to your self-relaxation.

Listening to light music is another way to get creativity back to your mind. This is underrated, but music has the power to heal wounds without the use of any medication.


Getting some time out from your daily routine to the creative aspects of life is necessary. It will keep you calm, happy, and young. Even when people are too busy earning to maintaining their living standards, everyone needs something to keep their neutrality intact.

Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

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