You Can’t Master Typography Without Reading These 5 Books

Typography is the science of arranging words and texts in such a way that they are easily understandable to the people.

Typography, in itself, is a field. When you talk about typography or anything related to it, it doesn’t mean arranging letters and text in a way that it can become readable or easy to understand.

It has many prospects and disciplines. The only way to make it go smoothly is to study and read about it, here are some excellent suggestions about what to read to increase typographical knowledge.

Best Recommended Typography Books:

1. The Element of Typographic Style

Author: Robert Bringhurst
Year Of Publication: 1999

Considered as the best book written on typography, the element of typographic style is a well-written book that explains typography as art. It discussed the design possibilities of a text, and how words can be used in different aspects of life like in politics, and history. It is narrated well so that the readers can enjoy and learn useful things about art.

2. Cultural Connectives

Author: Rana Abou Rjeily
Year Of Publication: 2011

Cultural Connectives is a masterpiece that provides an insight into Arabic and Latin alphabets and literature. This book illustrates a new understanding of the Arabic language and culture. It is a good source of understanding the map rules of Arabic writing, pronunciation grammar, and its relationship with English by using the typographical reference along with a better understanding of ancient culture from an absorbing western outlook.

3. The Anatomy of Type

Author: Stephen Coles
Year Of Publication: 2012

This book is suitable for all those people who are already familiar with typography art and want to learn how to make this science more understandable. This book can be taken as a leading guide in the field of typography; it is not for the beginners but can be considered as a guide in making your typographical skills much better.

4. Thinking with type

Author: Ellen Lupton
Year Of Publication: 2007

The book is an excellent guide of typography in visual communication. It is primarily the foundation of creativity in a digital dialogue. It is about the latest trends in typography and its link with creativity in the text. All in all, this book represents the use of typography in visual communication and how rapidly it is transforming in different phases of print to screen culture.

5. An Essay On Typography

Author: Eric Gill
Year Of Publication: 1931

Probably the oldest book that’s written on typography, An Essay on Typography represents a cultural difference in the typographical domain. It represents the influence of words in the form of articles when they are compiled to order as teachings for the people.


Typography can be dated back to the 11th century, which was then considered as a specialized craft associated with books and magazines. It has elevated through the ages, and now it’s essential usage can be seen in visual communications as well, which is an excellent sign of its success.

Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

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