How Indecision Can Kill Your Future


“Everybody is responsible for their actions and decisions in life,” I read this written on a wall somewhere.

But all and all, they will benefit them in the future. Being indecisive and non-serious in life can actually hurt your future, which is why it’s good to be quick and responsive to the situation. Still, if the decision is taken out of the context from the problem, then it will be useless because the results will not be achieved.

Impact Of Indecisiveness:

How is indecisiveness killing your future? The answer to this “how” is insecurity and judgemental issues; these insecurities can be reflected easily from the decisions people take after going through to a specific period.

For example, a fresh graduate has completed his high school, and he is about to choose the major to study further. Without proper guidance about career counselling, he/she will go directly in the field, which looked brighter from the outset and ended up being on the lower scale of what he can be if he had pursued that right path to study.

The reason why he has gone for such choices is the insecurity of how people will judge him for the choices he has made for life. Such judgemental thoughts can cause people to make rapid decisions that can be fatal for them throughout life. Most importantly, indecisiveness can hurt people from the inside. The sorrowful thoughts can lead to guaranteed depression.

How to Overcome Indecisiveness:

The people who are the decision-makers of the group should always consider being a good listener rather than being the loudmouth. There is a problem with the people that appear smart, and they will go on lengthy details, which are sometimes exhaustive.

To look smarter, they started looking dumb and clueless, which all in all leads to an indecisive state to what they are trying to explain. There is a great saying about decision making that, “if you don’t make that right decision, you can make the decision right,” for example, you are the part of an argument, and the subordinates are pointing out you for not mentioning an important detail, rather than being a retaliator hold your place firmly and let the debate end.

Revisit what you have been accounted for and re-explain the things with simple words.


When there’s a choice to make, then don’t think of a second time to revisit, being the decision-maker, if you have a hundred votes in your bag. Still, you are unable to make a free decision, then the best way to go is to flip a coin, think about how good it can be if successful, and how worst it can be its repercussions.

Just don’t put yourself on a dangling pointer, that will ruin not only your reputation but also the worth you have.

Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

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