6 Essential Graphics Designing Tips For Beginners

Starting as a beginner in any field is always a work of labour. When you create something fresh, the time spent in understanding the basics is the biggest test because it requires full dedication and concentration from the one learning.

Learning new skills and practising it regularly is the real key to success. However, the success factors are different if you browse through different domains. According to Graphically, a graphic design expert company, Graphic design is the field where people would rate you as a good or as an average designer by gazing through your work once.

It is important to keep an eye on the tricks and tips that can help you smartly escalate through any of the domains. Likewise, here are some of the tips for beginners in the field of graphic design.

1) Stick to The Basic Plan:

It is necessary to follow the fundamental basics of designing because it will help you to learn advanced design techniques. Start with a few quick sketches to plan out what to design. While going through the designing process, the thought process part is essential. It helps in analyzing the real design considerations.

2) Use Easy to Read Fonts:

Don’t use broad fonts that are difficult to read. Instead, use ones which can easily convey the message. It is necessary to take care of the presentation as it accounts for the most. People will highly judge the designs if they are simple, your designs will be considered uncatchy if it is jumbled up with unnecessary things. Hence, professionals always say, keep it subtle and straightforward.

3) Choice of Colours:

Color choices matter a lot. As a beginner, you should take care of the color schemes, people designing for the first time sometimes opt for bright/shocking colors without any association to the theme or content of the brand.

Colour themes are the main essence of design. Consider dark and bright where necessary. Don’t go overboard on the main aspect of design, as this can hurt your work.

4) Take Care Of The Alignment:

During the designing process, aligning the objects inside the canvas is sometimes a tough ask. If you go on to manage one side of the page, it will automatically autofocus the other part of the design. Take care of all kinds of alignments, which include shape alignments, text alignment, etc.

5) Same Template for Multiple Page work:

Use the same template for multiple page designs. It will help you in keeping the work simple. Using the same design for multiple pages is a sign of originality and synchronized work.

6) Use the Whole Space:

As a designer, you must use the whole space to accommodate the best possible outcome. Don’t overfill the page. Use the most appropriate way to fill up the gaps. It will make your work more attractive and catchy.


Graphic design is a fascinating thing for the people who are doing it for the first time. Still, in reality, it is something that will take time and attention from the individuals who are pursuing it as a career to feel the irresistibility mentioned in the start. It is the drop that makes the ocean. Let it drop one by one, so there’ll be peace in the end.

Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

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