Social Ad Platforms You Should Be Focused On In 2021

There’s no denying the popularity of social media for the masses. And it’s a rule of marketing that you have to be where the masses are. So while social media has been a major influence of the 21st century, it has also been a primary digital advertising medium for businesses across the world.

But where social is the king of the jungle, there are a few apps that are on the top tier of this royal family. Excuse the metaphors, but really, while the internet is filled with social apps left right and center, there are a few that are undeniably the best digital advertising platforms that will keep ruling in 2021. Which ones are they? Let’s find out.


TikTok was the reigning app of 2020, despite all the backlash it faced from major countries like the US and India. The app was the most preferred app by users in 2020, as per Kantar Media’s report, and we’re expecting it to stay that way, especially now that it has introduced its own advertising platform.


Where TikTok lost market share, Instagram gained it by introducing its own video app called Reels. While the app still isn’t available in Pakistan, it’s an up and coming name in digital trends that you wouldn’t want to miss. And even if you don’t have access to Reels, Instagram itself is such a powerful platform and you’ll be missing out on market share if you’re not on it.


LinkedIn is the new cool, at least for the business and corporate market. While it isn’t a major digital advertising platform (yet), it still continues to be a major source of business connectivity in the world. LinkedIn is surely a more mature platform than Facebook or Instagram, but that’s what makes it more effective if you want to communicate with a more business and career-minded audience.


YouTube is one of the world’s biggest video streaming platforms and COVID-19 reinforced that after influencers and vloggers started using it to create streamable content and podcasts. Whether you talk about reaction videos, video blogs, tutorials, or even rants, YouTube continues to be a monarch in the industry when it comes to video consumption.

Facebook and Google

Even if I hadn’t mentioned Facebook and Google in this list, you’d still know they’re the veterans of the industry. Two competitors, each with a unique market share and advertising solutions, Facebook and Google continue to be where the people are, thus important platform advertisers shouldn’t be missing out on at all.

Which of these platforms are you using as your go-to social media? I know Google Search is your best friend (it’s mine too) but tell us your social media preference and which platform you think will win over 2021.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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