Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from the movie The Internship

Imagine your favorite movie. Now imagine the characters from that movie to be your career coaches. Sounds fun, right? Well, after watching The Internship recently, I couldn’t help but wonder how interesting some instances from the movie really are, and how they’re actually lessons for any company out there waiting to bring a change in their work environment through better understanding their employees. Moreover, if you’re a marketing firm, the movie is just waiting to be discovered by you. Find out more of such movies, they will definitely help.  Here are a few marketing lessons, or lessons in general, that you can learn from the movie The Internship.

1. It’s never too late to explore something new

Life is full of explorations and trying something new. But it’s often said that young people can try new things and adapt faster. That’s totally not true! In the film, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are clearly way older than the usual interns, but that doesn’t make them step back from trying something new. So if you’re confused about digital marketing, if it’s something that interests you, it’s never too late to intern at an agency and find out how you can achieve your dreams.

2. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills

One of the major themes of the movie was how the two main characters try to adapt to the technology of the workplace, like the much younger interns. But eventually, even if the technology is confusing, it is their communication skills and social awareness which helps them fit into the workplace and win a challenge for the team. Soft skills are especially important for marketing agencies. Communicating with your clients is a huge part of what makes your job as a marketer. Thus, having the appropriate skills to understand what your clients desire and have them trust you is really important if you want to make it as a marketer.

3. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world

In the movie, during a team challenge, Vaughn’s character makes a mistake which affects his whole team. But instead of beating himself up and letting it affect his performance, he apologizes and acknowledges that he made a mistake, and is ready to move on to the next challenge. This is a great lesson which everyone should learn, may it be marketers, managers, or clients.

4. Working with people shouldn’t be seen as a problem

Oftentimes, interacting with people can be extremely tiring, especially if it’s a client whom you don’t particularly like. If only more workplaces practiced clearer communication, this wouldn’t be such a huge problem as it may seem. Through clearer communication, you would easily be able to understand what exactly your clients need, and how exactly you can offer them that. This can be achieved through asking for feedback, and actually following through with it.

I believe I’ve talked up this movie enough for you to be interested in watching it. The movie is uplifting and also quite funny, but more importantly, it has great lessons for team building and healthier office environments. A great watch if you’re planning an office movie night!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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