Not Just a Cadbury Ad brings Shahrukh Khan to Small Businesses

Who doesn’t know of Cadbury? Its striking purple color, that iconic taste, and its memorable ads have positioned the brand as one of the most well-loved ones in the confectionery market. Whether it’s “Kuch Meeta Hojaye” or the “Kitna Maza Aye Rey” postman ad, the brand has produced amazing campaigns that have stayed with us till today.

And while it’s been a great ride watching the brand grow, this time, Cadbury took it upon themselves to help small businesses grow with them, especially after COVID-19.

Not just a Cadbury Ad – a hyper-personalized viral Diwali campaign

The Coronavirus impact had left owners wondering whether they can even continue running their small businesses with the state of affairs they were in. Seeing their predicament, Cadbury came to the rescue by combining India’s most powerful star with marketing’s most powerful AI, and the result was… I’ll let you see for yourself.

An endeavor to support local businesses, this campaign used AI to make the biggest influencer of the country talk about their brand, automatically giving a boost to their business in their respective localities. It’s absolutely brilliant.

One of the greatest things about the campaign is the AI’s use to give power to the people. These are small businesses created from scratch in local markets. For them, Shahrukh Khan is a name revered by generations, and to have him promote their business in such a unique way is not only a novelty, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Cadbury giving them this chance is a step that elevates the brand’s position further. That makes this campaign a case study that’ll be taught in marketing for years to come.

Cadbury’s other work

Now that we’ve established that this campaign is an amazing feat in marketing, let’s look at some other commendable ads and campaigns the brand has produced in India and Pakistan.

Not just a Cadbury Ad 1.0

The SRK campaign extends the COVID Diwali campaigns Cadbury started working on last year, and while this year’s version is state-of-the-art, last year too they did hyper-personalized versions of their advertisements to support small businesses, just in a bit differently.

Cadbury and Music

One of the most remarkable Cadbury campaigns I’ve been a fan of is their personalized music ad campaign on YouTube. Created in a partnership with Starcom Pakistan, this campaign was a way to increase their brand visibility and recall, but it ended up doing much more. Here’s the case study.

Kitna Maza Aye Re

And of course, an honorary mention to an ad that’s still fresh in the minds of those who watched it years back on TV. The one that’s sung by every adult who was enamored by it back in the day.

Marketers know digital marketing is innovative, but it’s brands like Cadbury that create case studies proving how groundbreaking digital resources can be. From personalized music ads to bringing Shahrukh Khan to small businesses, the brand has been making waves in the industry and we look forward to more such campaigns from them in the future.

Zainab Abdul Rehman

Content and strategy specialist with a head full of ideas that I never get time to execute.

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