Pakistani Ad Jingles That Got Us Hooked

When it comes to ad jingles, there are a lot of Pakistani brands that tried to make tunes that would stand out from the crowd and be remembered by the audience. If you’re someone who has spent ample time in front of a TV screen, you’d definitely recall many jingles played in ads that remained in your head long after the ad themselves became old. There are some TVCs that really stood out from the rest, mainly because of the unique or repetitive or just fun jingles they provided for our ears. Let’s have a look at them below.

Ding Dong Bubble

If you’re a 90s born, you’d particularly remember the Ding Dong jingle, the one that every single kid of our generation loved to sing, even to this day! And now that you’ve read its name, the jingle must be playing in your head, from beginning to the end. If only we could remember our lessons as easily as we recall this song, right?

Dairy Milk

Sung by none other than Pakistan’s very own Asim Azhar, Dairy Milk’s ‘Kitna Maza Aye Re’ is a favorite among every chocolate lover who grew up listening to it and can’t stop singing it over and over, even to this day.


Every single Pakistani household, whether the young or the old, will remember the 0900-78601 storm that took over the country when this ad was introduced. I don’t know if it was the repetitive ad or the tune of it, or the dancing telephone on our screens, but this ad remains fresh in our memories no matter how old we become. Telefun may not have become successful, but they definitely became a nostalgic part of all of our lives, getting us hooked to the jingle.

Sooper Biscuit

As if the Peek Freans instrumental tune wasn’t enough of a childhood reminder, they also came up with a Sooper ad in the early 2000s that got us instantly hooked to replaying the lyrics in our head again and again. What some other ‘Des Ka Biscuit’ tries to do constantly, is something Sooper achieved a long time ago.


The Cocomo Mujhe Bhi Do frenzy is something every kid (adult now) can recall with ease. It’s something we use even today to tease our friends. I don’t know about all of you but I can remember two Cocomo songs from my childhood, both equally nostalgic, and the second one is another sung by the guy who gave us that nostalgic Dairy Milk jingle, Asim Azhar.

Pakola Milk

Maybe all of us don’t prefer Pakola Milk as an alternative to milk, yet it doesn’t change the fact that this jingle was a favorite among all of us as children (guilty!). They just don’t create ads like this anymore (for good reason).

Molty Foam

Molty Foam is one brand that has always used pretty much the same story in every TVC they’ve made, generations of ‘Nanhi Pari’ may keep changing, but their message remains the same. Yet no new jingle can make us recall childhood the way the older one does.


Jam-e-Shireen’s ‘Light Light Refreshing’ jingle is something all of us remember instantly as soon as we see a bottle of the product in any market, and that’s proof of the influence the constant viewing of this song had in our lives. Although Jam-e-Shireen continues to make ads with tunes, nothing really beats the feeling the old TVC gives to us.


We all remember our childhood when Gala’s ‘zindagi ka lutf dobala’ used to take over our screens, yet all of that changed when the biscuit rebranded itself as ‘Des ka Biscuit’, inviting a plethora of memes and controversies with the question being ‘does a biscuit need a song to become relevant’? Yet, whatever the controversies may be, there’s no doubt the song did take over our minds and became a memorable jingle.


Another brand on a similar note with Gala, Tarang produced a song to advertise the milk brand. And the jingle is still something no one can forget, especially when they see the name ‘Tarang’ anywhere.

Naz Pan Masala

The ‘meri mutthi mein band hai kya’ tune is something all of us have used at one point or another just to tease each other. Let’s thank Naz Pan Masala for giving us that jingle.

Khopra Candy

Another blast from the past, Khopra Candy’s song is something all of us were hooked to listen to every time it was shown on our TV and the jingle is something still stuck in our heads.


Although Dalda continues making ads that would gain the audience’s attention, nothing comes close to their old Ramzan TVC. The visuals of the song were appealing, and the jingle was a wholesome reminder of our childhood.

Good Milk

I don’t know who has drunk Good Milk and who has never even bought it, but its ad jingle is something all of us loved hearing for some reason. Although the dancing in the ad is quite irrelevant, the jingle itself is quite a reminder of the old times.


The Servis shoes ad jingle has always been easy to recall, mainly because the TVC appeared so many times it was annoying! But what makes it even more memorable today is the trend it became this year, in the pandemic lockdown era, 8 years after it was released. The song is now more a part of our lives than ever and I don’t think that’s something the brand will regret.

So this was my list of Pakistani ad jingles we all have always been hooked to since hearing them the first time. If you have any more to add to the list, feel free to comment.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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