The Best Emotional Advertisements From Around the World

What are Emotional Advertisements?

The best way to entice people to purchase your product is to make them remember your brand. For this purpose of brand building, advertisements play a great role. Emotional advertisements aren’t the usual marketing ads that show the product and its details just to inform the customers about the product. Emotional ads are created in a strategic way to trigger people’s emotions and target them towards your goal.

An emotional ad, according to how it’s designed, can incite different emotions in the viewer of the ad. For example; If you are fat and bulky and you see an ad, exclaiming that “Are you overweight? Want to become slim? Try our ‘ABC Slimming Pills’ and become slim only within a week!” What would happen to you? You’ll become ‘so happy’ about finding the solution to your problem, that’s how emotional advertisement attracts people to make purchases.

Why do brands create Emotional Advertisements?

Most brands prefer to create emotional ads for enticing people to purchase their product or service. This is the best way of promoting your brand and making it recognized, that’s why most brands create emotional ads. The responses from people show a huge difference between the engagements of emotional ads and normal ads.

In one study, 1,400 successful ad campaigns were studied, comparing the profitable data between emotional ads with that of ads that show rational information. The results showed that emotional ads gained twice the amount of profit gained by factual ads, the former gaining 31% of profit and the latter 16%, with ads that combined rational and emotional content gained 26% of the profit. These findings are enough to convince you to create emotional ads, but is using a bunch of emotions the trick that will make your brand go viral? No, you need to make sure you’re not over – or under – doing any of it.

So, in order to understand which kind of emotions will do the trick, you need to first understand the classification between these emotions i.e. arousal and valence. Arousal is the intensity of an emotion i.e. how exciting or peaceful it is. While valence is the positive (joy, pride) or negative (anger, sadness) experience of that emotion. Studies show that the higher the valence of emotion, the higher is the resulting arousal. And what makes an ad go viral is the existence of both high arousal and a positive message.

Hence, for an ad to go viral, brands need to touch those emotions of people that result in inspiring them, make them feel good, and excite them all at the same time. Now let’s have a look at the best emotional ads made in Pakistan, India, as well as from around the globe.

Best Emotional Advertisements – Pakistan

Following are some of the best emotional ads of all time from Pakistan:

1) Cake Up Real Rishtay


3) McDonald’s – Mamta Ek Jazba

4) Ahmed Foods – Zaiqay ki Zubaan

5) Meezan Cooking Oil

6) Surf Excel – Esar ek Ibadat

7) Brooke Bond Supreme – Zaiqa Neki Ka

8) Shaan Ramadan TVC

Best Emotional Advertisements – India

Following are some of the best emotional ads of all time from India:

1) All Out Ad – #StandByMom

2) Nescafe – RJ Rishi’s Story

3) Surf Excel – Ready for Life

4) Bourn Vita – #LookBeyondMarks

5) Biba – Change the Perspective

6) Google Search – Reunion

7) HDFC Bank – #BeTheChange

8) Red Label – #Unstereotype

Best Emotional Advertisements – Global

Following are some of the best emotional ads of all time globally:

1) MetLife – My Dad is a Liar

2) Globe – Rogue One

3) Coca Cola – Sunset

4) Chevrolet – Maddie

5) Mercedes

6) Apple – The Underdogs

7) BERNAS – Bowls4Humanity

8) Adidas – Break Free

These are some of the best emotional ads from around the world. What do you think about the article? Feel free to comment.

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