Best of Independence Day Ads in 2021

Every year, Independence Day brings an opportunity for brands to test out their creativity while professing their love for their country. As Independence Day gets closer, the people’s emotions rise as well, and that gives brands the perfect opportunity to make use of their marketing skills and target those emotions as well as they can. Many brands stick with the National Anthem as it is one of the many ways to make their audience feel emotional, while many brands opt for new ideas and ways to represent the minorities of Pakistan and their struggles through a TVC. Here are some of the best Independence Day Ads of 2021 that we felt like you should watch if you missed out on them:

1. Ideas by Gul Ahmed

The campaign shows how for every person in Pakistan, Azaadi can have a separate meaning. Freedom doesn’t have a singular definition for everyone, for some their strength makes them feel free, while for others their opinions and their voice and the privilege to be able to use them makes them feel free. This is what the campaign shows, and a lot of people can connect with that. Also, a great way to announce a sale, don’t you think?

2. Faizan Steel

This ad really touched my heart, as it did many others. It says how when a family builds a house, every single block and every single pillar is just as important as the other to join together and build up a house, with a strong foundation. The house is a metaphor for the country, as it was founded with the blood and sweat of many, and it still requires the same respect to act as a home for its people. Very heart-touching indeed.

3. PSO

This Independence Day ad made the rounds on Twitter as everyone loved it. It shows citizens of Pakistan from all walks of life choosing to live the way they want to. Such as women riding bikes, opportunities for differently abled people, the rich or the poor, Muslims, Sikhs and people belonging to other religions, all celebrating the day of Independence with big smiles. Though it received a lot of criticism as well, as a lot of people pointed out that clearly a lot of these people don’t feel as independent as the advertisement shows them to be, but one can still hope, right?

4. Jazz

This is one of the few ads which I really loved. This ad shows how Jazz 4G can give many opportunities to people, such as connecting the underprivileged with doctors from around the country, giving local vendors the chance to receive online payments etc. It’s creative as well as empowering, and brands definitely need to take a few notes from this ad.

What do you think about these Independence Day ads? Let us know in the comments!

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