The Best and Worst PSL Ads of 2021

PSL brings us a lot more than cricket every year. It’s the anticipation of which new players will be performing in the tournament, what the new jerseys look like, looking forward to each team’s song, and PSL’s anthem itself. But among other things, the cricket league also brings us many new advertisements, some which give us new ideas, and others which inspire us to create better because of how cringy they are. Check out some of the best and worst PSL ads below:

Worst Ads of PSL

1. Giggly Boom Boom Bubble Gum

This ad definitely tops the list of maybe the worst ads ever. The tortuous chorus is the main reason why this ad is hated by most. But the fact that it played more than once after every over just makes it worse. And not just that, the song kept haunting us hours after every match ended. So yes, I definitely think this ad was made to punish people somehow (not even kidding).

2. Peshawar Zalmi – Zalmi Meal

Okay, so I don’t exactly hate this ad, but I have a few thoughts. The first thought that crossed my mind was: aren’t workers too underpaid already? Okay, maybe they’re just substitute workers(?) of some sort, just getting paid for dancing when someone asks for the Zalmi meal. And about that, how often are they supposed to be dancing?

What happens when they stop dancing and then another person comes up and orders a Zalmi meal? What happens then??!!! Or maybe it was done just for the ad, which would obviously make sense. I still have so many questions.

Thirdly, the young girl who ordered the meal genuinely looked awkward and out of place, and I feel like I would feel the same way.

Best Ads of PSL

1. Bano Super Khiladi with Jazz Super 4G

Jazz Super 4G’s ad definitely falls under the umbrella of good PSL ads. Showing a young boy growing into loving cricket and giving out his knowledge through Jazz and the internet is quite relevant to PSL and also wholesome. We truly need more ads that don’t make us hate the brand.

2. Hat-trick Deals on FoodPanda

This ad shows how your Foodpanda order will get to you faster than the ball you’re supposed to catch. Interesting concept? Though a lot of people argued that this isn’t actually true, based on experience. But the ad wasn’t downright cringe-worthy, thus making it to the good list. (The bar is too low).

Unique (and maybe weird) Ad of PSL

– Do Pakistan

Before I start, I would just like a minute’s silence for the name of the brand.

Anyway, the thing about this ad is, it has a good message (one should always definitely promote protection in Pakistan), but I’m wondering how the Pakistani audience as a whole would take this advert if it were to air on TV. Does it seem too out there? A good question is whether it feels relevant to the very Desi, very joint families of Pakistan. Much to think about…

Do you think these ads were ranked accurately? Which other PSL ads should’ve made it to the lists? Let us know in the comments!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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