Soul Sisters’ Kanwal Ahmed Just Released a Shortfilm for Father’s Day and We Love It

This Father’s Day, Peek Freans Sooper’s #HameshaWalaPyaar brings us something special by partnering up with the Kanwal Ahmed Network – a digital video channel lead by Kanwal Ahmed – owner and founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, and one of the two community leaders who was selected for Facebook’s Community Leadership Program in 2018.

The Kanwal Ahmed Network was launched in 2020 with a groundbreaking digital talk show, Conversations With Kanwal, which revolves around women sharing their stories about cyberbullying, rishta culture, sexual abuse, and other such topics that are considered taboo in the Pakistani society. The show has released three seasons so far, it’s third one being the first in Pakistan that was created with crowdfunding from the members of the Soul Sisters group.

The goal of KAN is to document the rise of Desi women in the current era, and as part of their vision, their most recent project is the Father’s Day short film named Hamesha Wala Pyar, released in collaboration with Sooper.

#HameshaWalaPyaar is Sooper’s campaign which celebrates all things good. It presents the unconditional love shared by families in the most beautiful and wholesome way, and the theme of this campaign is the base of the film created by KAN.

This film is an adorable rendition of a father-daughter relationship that shows us how taking time out for our family may seem like a small deal, but can do wonders for our relationship with our loved ones, especially our parents. It shows the relationship between Sana and her father, and how he misses spending time with her, especially during the PSL season, and doesn’t seem to enjoy the matches without her presence. It connects the family and their love for cricket in a very wholesome story, and is a very touching example of storytelling by Kanwal and her team.

The film shares how an afternoon with your family makes up for some seedhi saadhi khushiyan, and in essence, is a story of every household in our society. We love it, and suggest you watch it if you haven’t.

You can also watch more of Sooper’s Hamesha Wala Pyar in their TVC.

Does this short film mean we can expect more projects like this from KAN? Because if yes, we’re way too excited to wait patiently! Watch it for yourself and tell us what you think about the story in the comments.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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