Quarantine Games Keeping Us Sane During the Pandemic

COVID-19 was hard on all of us, but the worst part was that you couldn’t meet your friends for even the most casual social gatherings. That’s why, when the world moved to virtual meeting rooms for work and social niceties, gamers and entertainment buffs also moved to quarantine games online that helped us gain our sanity back after a brief respite of not being able to step outside. Many gaming companies also released cheat codes and hacks (check out back 4 blood hack) to make the game play easier and more accessible to people.

Following suit with this practice people, from teenagers or adults, moved to online apps like Discord to keep the banter going as they played some of the best online multiplayer games that we’ve listed below.

Among Us

One of the most played games (by me, at least) during the quarantine was Among Us. In the game, you’re sent to a spaceship with 4 to 10 other crew members to complete a list of tasks given. Of these crewmates, 1 to 3 people are imposters who are supposed to stop the tasks from being completed by killing each member of the crew. The game is to guess who the imposter is and complete the tasks before everyone is killed. While the context is dark, the game itself is so fun I have been guilty of ignoring my university assignments to play the game for hours on end.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is an online multiplayer video game that’s loosely based on Takeshi’s Castle and takes the player to go through a series of obstacles to reach their destination. The players are represented by jellybean like figures, and the game allows at least 60 players to compete in a battle royale-style gameplay. To say the game is fun would be an understatement, and you’ll understand that if you have ever spent hours watching the utterly frustrating yet fascinating rounds of Takeshi’s Castle (bonus points if you watched the Hindi dubbed version on Pogo).


PUBG has been under fire for a lot of reasons, but that just added to its popularity. A multiplayer action game, PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Ground originated from South Korea and gained rapid popularity across the world, so much so that people have hosted live-streamed matches of the game online. While the game was banned in India in September, it still was a very major attraction point for many people, even if they had to play it on a VPN.

Sequence (Or Wild Jack)

Sequence is a strategy board game where players are assigned color-coded tokens with which they have to create two sequences of five of their tokens to win. If you’re a fan of Ludo, Monopoly, or similar board games, you’d love Sequence.

8 Ball Pool

Who doesn’t know 8 Ball Pool? One of the most popular quarantine games in 2020, 8 Ball Pool is an online version of the popular ball game of the same name. It’s so addictive, I’ve found my sisters playing it half asleep. Yes, folks, that’s what happens when you’re forced to stay socially distant and work from home.


Chess is a classic game that gained popularity after the release of Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. While the game itself is pretty complicated, the strategic aspect and the winner’s rush make it a part of this quarantine game list.

So, which of these quarantine games have you been guilty of playing non-stop?

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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