Among Us Memes We Can’t Help But Love

Among Us has become the latest top-trending game around the globe. Those tiny alien-like crewmates and impostor(s) going around a spaceship and performing tasks (or killing crewmates) have become everyone’s focus in the world today. And what happens when something gains this much attention? We get a goldmine of memes to enjoy. And that’s what happened to me when I went on Google to read a few articles about the game and found a bunch of memes; they got my attention enough to get me laughing in an office full of people. And why should I enjoy that alone? So here is a list of Among Us memes that we can’t help but love.

It started with this really dark depiction of an innocent crewmate performing a task and the impostor standing behind them to kill them…

Among Us - Killing

… but don’t worry, it gets lighter.

You know that moment when you report a body after watching the impostor kill, and they blame it on you? And then it gets worse because everyone believes the impostor and votes you out? Have you experienced that? Then this next meme is definitely for you as much as it is for me.

Type of headaches meme - Among Us Memes

And when you see the impostor vent and report it but no one listens to you and the impostor ends up murdering you next.

Not sure if this was ever done before but I had to draw this from r/AmongUs

Or even better, when you report an impostor to have vented, and everyone votes and gets them ejected, and it turns out they’re not an impostor and you got confused between the colors…

I hate hackers from r/AmongUs

We all know this one person, don’t we?

And this person…

Self-report? We will never know

Then you get voted out from r/AmongUs

Also self-report but on a next level

Among Us Memes

And that one crewmate who pretends to be our friend but votes us out…

Don’t be an amateur by pretending to do visual tasks, just don’t.

And don’t be too polite either…


That moment you’re almost done with the reactor and someone calls an emergency though…

There are only two impostors among us and it’s these two:

Then there’s this gem from The Office

The comfort of making friends in the game

And getting betrayed by them…

But don’t victimize yourself because sometimes, it’s you

Mickey spittin facts from r/AmongUs

And the two smart ones who seem like they’ve got it under control but then…

cha cha real smooth from r/AmongUs

And that one crewmate who always votes for the wrong people

sus - Among Us

Then comes this one meme we all love

The formal term of among us from r/AmongUs

That one crewmate who asks everyone to watch them perform a visual task (admit it, we’ve all done this at some point)

Blue safe saw them scan from r/AmongUs

When you realize it’s not the server, it’s you

Every time… from r/AmongUs

It can also get dark


Really dark

No one asks ‘where?’ faster than the impostor themselves

making fun

I am this meme, this meme is me

Introverts assemble

‘Why don’t we take it up a notch?”-Joey Tribbiani

hardest game

Point to ponder

i am a imposter - Among Us Memes

When you do everything just right but forget the CCTV placement in corridors.

chat - Among Us

And then come the newbies

Newbies - Among Us Memes

And last but not the least… this gem

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