Photography Content Ideas – How Photographers Can Create Good Content?

Photography seems easy on paper; you get a camera, set it up at exactly the right angle, and capture that moment on your screen, then share it with your audience at a later time either with or without edits made in the contents you shot. Simple, isn’t it? But that’s not how photography, or content creation on a whole, works. Whether it’s photography, or vlogging, or even graphic designing, you’re bound to come across a creative block that takes away your motivation to do the one thing you love doing.

To get over that, you need a few good content ideas that will always work for you when nothing else will. In this blog, we will discuss some photography content ideas that can help you make a good impression on your audience and keep them interested in your work even when you face a creative block.

What Motivated You to Do This

Share a backstory about what motivated you to work on any particular photography project. People love motivational stories, and that’s one of the easiest ways of capturing their attention and making them understand your work on an even better level than what they’re merely watching on their screens through your photos.

A Day in the Life of…

Tired of coming up with original content ideas? It’s better to take a rest and share some content on what your everyday life looks like. This idea may seem clichéd, but it’s also an easy method of getting your audience to interact with your content, and watching your day-to-day life is always fun for those who are genuinely interested in the work you do.


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Story Behind a Story

A lot of your works can have a lot of motivations behind them, but a story behind your story means sharing a behind-the-scenes version of the work you do and highlight the most fun and enjoyable aspects of a project you’ve worked on. This gives your content a human touch that makes you relatable and your content original in front of your audience.

Challenge the Myths

There are a lot of photography myths that make people limit themselves before they explore this skill on their own, e.g. the lack of a good camera, lack of traveling, etc. Share some of these myths with your audience and tips on how to challenge and debunk them. This will inspire your audience to get started on their own work at a basic level and make them like your content more because it makes you come off as authentic and credible.


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Personalized Client Reactions

Are you someone who works on client photo albums? If the answer is yes, then you can capture the reactions of your clients as they receive the album you’ve made for them, and share these reactions with your audience to provide a more personalized and wholesome experience to not just the audience but also the client.


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What’s on my Tray?

This is especially fun for those who are into food photography. Share a picture of your food tray and ask your audience to guess the contents of your tray, this is interactive as well as entertaining. You could also ask the audience to fill up your empty tray with the food they’d like to see on it. Food is something that connects every one of us, and that’s a good card to play when you’re out of other ideas.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that photography is a way of storytelling, and the best content ideas come out of telling stories that people can easily connect with and relate to. Share your love for things, pets, people, food, etc. Because that’s the easiest way of creating a connection with and inspire an audience you can’t directly speak to.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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