4 Best Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Instagram, being primarily a visual platform, is a hub of talented photographers. Not only is it the most easily accessible and preferred platform by photographers to showcase their work and build clientele, but it also offers a great opportunity for amateurs in the field to learn and get inspiration from the inspiring works of some of the most talented and successful photographers across the globe.

Below, I have rounded up a list of four of the best photography accounts on Instagram, as an inspiration starter kit for photography enthusiasts.

1. Brandon Woelfel – @brandonwoelfel

 Brandon Woelfel

This New York-based photographer is a magician at playing with light and color tones. Brandon takes beautiful portraits, of course, but it is the editing style that makes him stand out amidst the crowd. His photos, usually taken at nighttime, have a whimsical look achieved primarily by using props, neon lights, and his editing skills. Many young photographers seek inspiration from his editing style.

2. Peter McKinnon – @petermckinnon

Peter McKinnon - photography accounts

Peter McKinnon is not only a photographer but a renowned YouTuber as well, where he teaches people about photography and cinematography. He is mainly known as a travel/free roam photographer, who experiments with diverse photography techniques and a range of angles, both for portraits and landscapes. His Instagram is filled with stunning photographs from his adventures.

3. Alen Palander – @alenpalander

Alen Palander

This Toronto-based photographer is exceptionally skilled at urban photography. His photos chronicle majestic views from his across-the-globe traveling. His pictures usually have tan or dark tones, which bring a kind of ethereal feel that isn’t usually seen in many photographers’ works. Alen’s Instagram feed is really a sight to behold.

4. Chris Burkard – @Chrisburkard

Chris Burkard - photography accounts

Chris Burkard does some unparalleled adventure, nature, and outdoor photography. He has the rarely-seen ability to capture the heavenly beauty of majestic landscapes in such a splendid way it makes you feel awe in wonder and amazement. His Instagram feed will make you go through all kinds of beautiful emotions.

All of these photographers have distinctive photography and editing styles. I highly recommend you follow their accounts if you want some inspiration or simply if you enjoy watching beautiful photography.

Sadia Zubair

A psychology graduate with a keen interest in reading fiction, writing, sleeping, and overthinking (yikes!)

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