Pakistani OG Content Creators – List of Top 5

Pakistan has some amazing original content creators who put out inspiring content out there, making the Pakistani social media space fun and enlightening at the same time. Coming from different backgrounds, these creators and influencers cover a variety of topics and content, and are doing it better than most. Check out this list of our favorite OG Pakistani content creators out there:

1. Shehzeen Rehman

Our Desi Wonder Woman is one of the most famous influencers with a huge Pakistani following. She quit her corporate job and turned into a full-time content creator, witnessing success after a short amount of time due to her authenticity and honest content. In an interview with Express Tribune, Rehman says, “There’s no one formula so don’t copy what’s working for someone else. Be you, enjoy the process.” Amen, sister!


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2. CBA

Arsalan Naseer, who is mostly known as Comics by Arsalan or CBA, is one of the most well-known Pakistani comics out there. His creative content has inspired many after him to do what he’s doing, which has created a whole new era of humorous content creation in Pakistani social media platforms. He’s even made it big in the TV industry by his role in the Pakistani drama Chupke Chupke.

3. Ramish Safa

Considered to be a digital art veteran in Pakistan, Ramish Safa’s comics Kachee Goliyan has brought about a versatility in the digital art scene of Pakistani content creation. His comics are accurate and to the point, and his captions make one want to interact with him as they feel genuine and honest to his audience.


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4. Amtul Baweja

Amtul Baweja, known as @patangeer due to her Instagram username, is a comedian and a content creator, and also features her travels with her husband Fahad Tariq Khan, making us swoon over their cute relationship and couple goals. Amtul has created an authentic space for herself on her personal Instagram account, which makes her audience aspire to be as loud, vocal and original as she is.


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5. Areesha Khan

Also known as @littlekhanswanderlust, Areesha Khan has maybe the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram page out there. She’s a well-known travel blogger, and has us craving visits to Mykonos, Bali, and beautiful Swiss villages. Her favorite travel tip is to get to the tourist spot early and before everyone else to get the best pictures, and also to explore around without the crowds. Fun, isn’t it?

Needless to say, Pakistan has a range of amazing content creators and influencers, aspiring us to be more and to do more with our social media platforms. Who do you think should have made it to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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