What Are The New Food Trends in Pakistan? – You’ll Love This List!

The amazing and diverse food scene of Pakistan (let’s be honest, especially in Karachi) is something that pretty much everyone can vouch for. There’s always something new to try out, some new version to anticipate. One of the reasons why this is so is because above anything else, Pakistanis are widely enthusiastic about food. This enthusiasm leads us to new trends that we just can’t miss out on. Check out some of our favorite new food trends of Pakistan that you should try right now!

1. Bao Buns


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If you ask me, Bao Buns are definitely the new cool. The buns are made with soft dough, and they’re stuffed with delicious and savory fillings. If this sounds like something you’re craving, check out the Bao Bae food truck which offers you this flavorful treat in all its glory.

According to Bao Bae’s Head of Culinary, Mirwan Abid, “The concept of Bao Bae was fuelled by a need to create an accessible approach to fast food without being bound by its traditional constraints. We provide upscale fast food at an accessible price point without compromising on quality which is why everything is made in-house, from our buns to our noodles and all our sauces.”

Doesn’t that sound amazing? 🤩

2. Fried Pizza Pie


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OPTP was previously known for its simple yet divine fries and burgers. But now it’s known for quite a lot of things (let’s say almost everything). And Fried Pizza Pie is one of the recent additions to OPTP’s menu. It definitely looks delicious, and worth a try.

3. Butterbeer


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Are you a Harry Potter fan who’s always wanted to live through the experience of drinking Butterbeer for the first time with your friends? Well, worry not because Butterbeer is not just our fantasy anymore! Try out Sol’s Butterbeer which promises to offer you all the magic in a glass.

4. Chocolate Samosas


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Didn’t imagine something which sounds like an abomination to look this appetizing, did you? If you’ve tried chocolate parathas and loved them, and if you’ve tried meethay samosay (I personally don’t want to talk about it) then chocolate samosas are the next best thing.

5. Gol Gappay Shots


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If you’re a street food enthusiast and love a tangy surprise, then Gol Gappay Shots might just become your favorite go-to snack. This is quite a creative blend of classic and experimental. If you’re in Karachi and want to give it a try, visit The Social Hub, ASAP!

These sweet and savory treats are just some of the foods that Pakistan offers. Found your favorites yet? Let us know in the comments!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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