Foodpanda Drone in Pakistan: Is it the need of the hour?

Food delivery project using ingenious technology to step up deliveries over a longer distance for remote and peri-urban areas

Pakistan’s leading food delivering service Foodpanda launched a customized drone for food delivery named Pandafly – at the F-9 Park, Islamabad. Project Pandafly assists the improvement of local technology and is certainly considered one of the hallmarks among its type of food delivering drone that has been launched in Pakistan.

foodpanda drone
Customized drone during a test food delivery in Islamabad. — Photo via Foodpanda Twitter

But where did the idea come from? Is it something new?

Back in 2015 when a drone startup Flirtey used to deliver life-saving drugs and other pharmaceutical products to medical clinics in Virginia, they also collaborated with Domino and delivered pizza and today with association with 7-eleven, an American chain of convenience store operated in delivering food.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat asserted his views:

“Embracing technology with an open mind, welcoming a bright future. Young leaders from different backgrounds connected their efforts and tested the first flight of homemade drones delivering food for kids from sweet homes and orphanages.”

foodpanda drone in pakistan

Nauman Sikandar Mirza, the CEO of Foodpanda stated on the pilot launch occasion,

“Foodpanda’s core ethos is to constantly innovate, stretch the limits and leverage technology to find great solutions for meeting the evolving needs of the people. Before we start actual drone deliveries for our customers, there are still many aspects that need to be thoroughly evaluated and locked in, including technical, operational and legal matters and we are vigorously addressing all these. The successful test flight and delivery today has been highly encouraging and proves we are on the right flight path!”

Undoubtedly, the overall idea behind the test drive is ingenious, but the question arises. Do we really need it?

Do we need a Foodpanda drone, or does the company need to step up its overall service and employee satisfaction before it introduces something unattainable?

Delivery through drones is no longer a far-fetched idea – it’s been introduced in many regions, and deliveries through drones are happening in various countries across the globe. You might not encounter drone traffic jams in the sky, but it’s happening. But will drone delivery be able to sustain the infrastructure of Pakistan, or will it be another failed project like Careem drone food delivery?

And the delivery drone attribute of being an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) is alarming as it threatens to increase the rate of unemployment in the country. Let’s see what the future holds for this tech-savvy innovation, and will it turn into a blessing or curse in the near future.

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Bushra Khan

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