How to Create a Seller Account – Amazon FBA Pakistan 2021

Another exciting new opportunity awaits Pakistanis. Amazon has recently approved Pakistan to be on its seller list. The e-commerce giant has a huge audience, giving sellers in Pakistan a chance to receive a greater reach worldwide. How big a reach, you may ask? Globally, there are around 150 million Amazon users, with 95 million subscribers on Prime. This massive and well-established user base can do wonders for start-ups and even local businesses, and businesses which have had a difficulty in receiving a certain reach in the past.

Amazon FBA Pakistan 2021 - Seller Account

But before committing to a massive FBA company like Amazon, Pakistani sellers must be wondering how to sign up and use it to its fullest potential. Here’s a diagram showing how Amazon FBA works.

How FBA works?

However, if you are planning to create your FBA account, you need to read up more than just this diagram. The first step for every seller should be to spend time to understand how to prepare and set up their store and their services to satisfy their customers. Lucky for you, we have an easy step-by-step guide that can help you through the process:

What you need to know before setting up your account

Learn more here about setting up your account. Firstly, identify whether you would be selling as a company i.e. an LLC, or as a sole proprietor. This is because, for FBA vendors, Amazon offers two different account options, and also because you must decide this before filling out the tax forms prior to making the account.

Secondly, decide whether to set up the account as an individual or a professional. Each has its own characteristics. The difference is whether you intend to sell more than 40 products each month, or less than that and whether you want to pay a monthly fee. Individual sellers have the benefit of not having to pay any subscription charges, unlike professional sellers.

This option is best for those who are just testing the waters and don’t necessarily have a big business plan. Professional vendors, on the other hand, have to pay $39.99 per month, which also has its benefits. Where individual vendors have to pay $0.99 per item that is shipped to Amazon, professional vendors don’t have to.

Amazon FBA Pakistan 2021 - Choose a selling plan

Though no matter which package you choose, the rest of the process is the same for each.

What do you need to create your seller account?

The next step is to know the essential things you must have to create your vendor account. These would be a credit card that can be used internationally, bank account information, and tax identification number, and details relevant to it.

Seller agreement

Start Setting Up Your Account

After preparing yourself with the essentials, click the “Sell” option when you visit Amazon’s home page. Then choose the “Sign Up” option. To build an account, log in to your account or register with the email address you want to be associated with your vendor account.

To register as a company, you will be required to add your company’s address. Add the details of the internationally recognized credit card, and also bank details. Your sale plan would then be confirmed.

One of the final steps is to enter tax identity details. You must register with Amazon in order for them to maintain track of all the third-party shops that offer checks. Then you will be asked whether you are a company or a sole proprietor during the tax interview.

These details will be validated by Amazon in a matter of minutes.

The next steps would be to add the basic business details, such as the types of goods you would be selling as well as their product details.

After these major steps, your seller account would be good to go.

Seller Central Space

The next step is to create your Seller Central Space. This is where you can add your FBA service, check and manage inventory, etc. This is a user-friendly space, and you can log into it through your account by going to Seller Central. Amazon will give you options to add Inventory, orders, advertising, reports, and results.

Seller central

Check All Requirements

Once you are done setting up your Seller account, make sure you check out Amazon’s guidelines for account creation and recheck if anything has been missed.

Additionally, Amazon has its own guidelines for products and categories. Check these guidelines out as they can help you set up your Seller Central Space.

Amazon FBA Pakistan 2021 - Product Categories


Making sure that you have set up your Seller account in line with Amazon’s guidelines and as properly as you can for your business is necessary to reap the benefits of this process.

Although, it is important to realize that selling on Amazon is not as simple as it may seem. There is major competition, and it requires one to set up one’s account flawlessly and to be able to manage inventory without any customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, weigh the risks and benefits beforehand by planning out your business in order to achieve the best results.

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Hamza Amjad
Hamza Amjad
July 23, 2021 12:25 pm

This is a well-written article, as it outlines most of the basics associated with the FBA program. Good job!

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