I Watched Death To 2020 And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

I think we all agree that 2020 was a pretty weird year and no one would want to live through it again. But then Netflix and Black Mirror creators decided they wanted us to go through it all again with their mockumentary “Death to 2020” and I thought, okay, with a cast that nice, maybe it won’t be too bad to go through the year again.

But… aside from good comic timing and a fairly accurate commentary on COVID-19 (read: fairly accurate, it’ll be relevant later), the show was a lackluster take on the very dynamic year.

So I thought instead of dissing it in one go, why don’t I go with a Buzzfeed-ish commentary on the whole thing? Fair warning: I am not as witty as the people at Buzzfeed, but I did try. So here’s what I thought while watching Death to 2020 – a mockumentary by Netflix.
(Here’s the trailer if you live under a rock and still don’t know what I’m talking about)

  1. Okay, I’m already getting goosebumps this is going to be good.
  2. How many people are going to play the Queen in 2020?


  3. “Let me just ingest some H2O,” will be my motto in 2021.
  4. What was… Trump?
  5. In retrospect, for a country where most superheroes originated from, choosing Trump as a president was a pretty anticlimactic move.
  6. Oh no, I had forgotten about the Australian fires.
  7. January really didn’t know what it had coming.
  8. I wonder who’d play Boris Johnson in The Crown if it ever continued to that. Owen Wilson? Owen Wilson
  9. How do they nail the Queen’s accent every time? How?
  10. They’re introducing COVID-19 like they introduced Thanos in Avengers.
  11. How come Bruce Wayne never got the Coronavirus?
  12. Watching this is like living the lockdown life all over again.
  13. Damn, I still need to watch Parasite.
  14. Is this mockumentary about Trump or 2020?
  15. Although he really was something, wasn’t he?
  16. I just remembered my ex did a piece on Trump back in university… if only I’d known then what I know now…
  17. All men I’ve been interested in were pretty invested in potential US presidents, and I think that says more about me than them.

    John cena dankness face

  18. USA politics is basically white men fighting white men for white men.
  19. Okay, this soccer mom really reminds me of Swinery’s characters.

    Kathy Flowers

  20. So… is this whole thing a discussion on the US elections?
  21. That’s a psychologist who knows her sh*t.

    Dr. Maggie Gravel

  22. Tom Hanks contracting COVID was peak 2020.
  23. No, actually the toilet paper crisis was.
  24. But this is all about the US. Was 2020 only for the Muricans?
  25. Is bad hair a common element in bad presidents who don’t care about COVID-19 or is there more?

    Donald Trump

  26. Oh look it’s Steve McHair-ington (if you know, you know).
  27. Has UK ever had a good prime minister? Ever?
  28. Americans are stupid af there’s absolutely no explanation for their behavior.
  29. RIP George Floyd.
  30. RIP Breonna Taylor.
  31. Keep hitting them truth bombs, Samuel Jackson.

    Samuel L. Jackson

  32. Psychologist AND marketing genius? Wow.

    Dr. Maggie Gravel - Death to 2020

  33. What would a Pakistani Karen be called? Khadija? Shagufta?
  34. Of course the historian is an All Lives supporter.
  35. Has any British prime minister ever had a soul?
  36. I only love 1 scientist man who can floss.
  37. Zoom syndrome is real I tell you.
  38. Okay wtf was Tiger King anyway, can anyone explain?
  39. TikTok really won 2020.
  40. The husk of Joe Biden 😂😂
  41. If only PoCs in politics weren’t problematic.
  42. Presidential debates are an extreme sport.
  43. Why don’t we have these in Pakistan?
  44. GUYSS this was it this was the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Moment!!

  45. Schools will probably introduce a new course only about 2020.
  46. Blog idea: 2020 ways 2020 sucked big time.
  47. Trump sounds like Imran Khan saying “Ghabrana naheen hai”.
  48. Oh my god, Trump is dancing. Reminds me of that video…

  49. American democracy has really started to sound like a bad joke.
  50. It was a very bad year but for Trump’s administration it seems like a very steep downward spiral. THEY BOOKED A LOTT INSTEAD OF THE FOUR SEASONS HOTEL!!!!!


  51. This guy reminds me of this meme…

  52. Will Biden be less problematic than Trump – No or no?
  53. See, that’s the problem with US-focused shows they hardly add a third-world perspective to it.
  54. Aside from the freaky soccer mom angle, I agree that it’s all a lie.
  55. Trump protesting the elections is me when I lose in Ludo.
  56. The Biden jokes were probably the best part of the whole “event”.
  57. So this was a love-hate letter to the US elections? Is that it?
  58. Why didn’t they cover the natural breakthroughs that happened? So many jokes, no coverage at all.
  59. 2020 wasn’t just about the US, you know.
  60. The next edition is probably going to be a post-2021 zombie apocalypse story.
  61. Okay this “event” was as disappointing as 2020 there I said it.

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