How You Can Tap Your Creativity To Maximize Productivity

Creativity is something we’ve talked about a lot since the beginning. But we can’t help it! It is one of the most important parts of what makes Mainstream Be Mainstream. But when you work in a creatively demanding environment, it can become harder to keep track of your ideas and the resulting productivity. Burnout is always a possibility, becoming lazy is always a threat. So we’ve written this blog to give you tips on how you can tap your creativity to maximize productivity. Read it and give us a review.

1. Research

Creativity is an internal process, but it needs external cues to recharge from time to time. Therefore, searching for new ideas and topics is a good way to tap into your creativity. This not only gives you new ideas to explore, but it also results in giving you a different perspective when thinking about old concepts. Research is and always has been a major part of the creative process to be successful. So make use of it accordingly!

2. Change Your Routine

Following the same old, rusted routine can become a drag more often than not. This isn’t what your brain or even your body signed up for. Change your plans, change how and when you do things in your daily schedule. If the first thing you do every morning after waking up is to check your phone, bring a change in that. Go take a shower or drink a glass of water before checking your phone for once. Even tiny changes such as this can be a huge motivating force for you. Try it

3. Commit to Physical Exercises

When your body becomes lazy, your brain suffers too. Introduce exercises in your routine. Take a walk in nature, go for jogging or cycling whenever it’s possible, or just download from a plethora of workout apps available at your disposal. Just be active physically. When we exercise, our brain also gets physically refreshed, making your creativity become proactive and results in making you take charge of your activities.

4. Listen to Something New

When every other tactic fails to entice you, listen to a new voice for ideas and advice, or to just shut out all external voices. Talk to a new person, listen to a podcast, watch a new show, or maybe just listen to a new song. Getting new sounds in your ear is an important exercise even if it seems obsolete to you right now. Your creativity needs new and refreshing input to stay motivated and work for you. Personally, I need new things to keep myself interested in any task. If I get tired of listening to the same genre of songs or watching the same t.v. show, I search for new things to keep myself refreshed. It’s a helpful and creative tactic that keeps my interest intact.

5. Take a Break from Gadgets

We get that your phone and tablet and every other gadget you’ve got is highly important and useful in your life, but is it the only important thing you’ve got? No. You need regular breaks from all these gadgets. Nowadays, cell phones even have a focus feature that shuts out all your apps and networks so that you can spend some me-time on your own (at least mine has the feature). But even if yours doesn’t, it does not imply that you have to keep your eyes fixed on the screen at all times, even when you’re not working or watching something. Take a break from socials, spend time with your family. Read a book. Just get away from the screen for a while. It eats up your creativity, energy, and your health as a whole.

6. Commit to Daily Creative Practices

Everywhere around me, I see people who complain about how they no longer get time to pursue their hobbies because of their tough schedules. What are their tough schedules? Even when they do get time to do something of their own liking, they use it up as office hours. This needs to change. You need to actively take time out of your schedule to commit to something you love doing. Whether it’s painting or reading or writing. Take time out and commit to this activity. Unless your creativity actually comes from things your creative side loves doing, it’s only a borrowed trait that’s going to be here for a limited time and it will disappear before you do something productive with it.

7. Learn to Read Your Body

Most people think of creativity and productivity to be entirely mental processes, hence they don’t pay attention to physical indications of burnout. But the truth is, our body gives us numerous cues to indicate burnout. Pay attention to them. When it’s time to rest, it’s time to rest. Don’t fight it. Burnout does not lead to any positive outcomes, rather it’s a serious mental stressor that can lead to bigger problems if not dealt with on time.

8. Look for Inspiration

Inspiration shouldn’t necessarily come from the subject matter you’re working on. But it should exist for you to be motivated. When it comes down to it, reading about the struggles of successful people, observing those around you to do better than what their circumstances make them out to be, or just looking at how everyone pushes themselves to be their best version, all of these can be things to get inspired from. Look for that inspiration that makes you move.

9. Take Things One Step at a Time

Multitasking may make you feel like you’re achieving a lot, but it also takes much more time than focusing on one task at a time. Furthermore, multitasking affects content quality. There’s a high chance for your work to get rejected because you tried doing too much in too little a time without paying attention to the content you were producing. Your creative brain is not made to focus on different activities at once. Treat your head, and yourself, more gently instead of thinking of yourself as a machine.

10. Initiate Ways to Beat Procrastination

As a person who ends up procrastinating even the simplest of tasks, let me tell you that it is the greatest enemy to your productivity. You have to fight it, at all times. When you see you’ve got time and energy to do a task, but you tell yourself to sit back and do it later? That’s the part you’ve to fight. Push yourself to work, to take part in activities, to be productive. Read, write, go for a walk, just anything we’ve described in this entire blog or something else you’ve thought of. Do it. Introduce tactics in your life to beat procrastination. That’s your path to a better, more creative, and productive life.

After reading this blog you may have realized that creativity doesn’t always lead to productivity but rather being productive can make you more creative too. Both these processes go hand-in-hand, and how you achieve this feat is entirely up to you, as long as you achieve it.

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