10 Shows To Watch If You’re In A Creative Block

Have you been finding it a bit hard to access your inner creativity? We’ve all been through those days. To tackle this, there are quite a few tips you can find when you know where to look. Experts would tell you to expand your mind, but it’s easier said than done, and when you’re in a block, you cannot even streamline your thoughts, let alone expand your head.

But there’s one fun way you can find your inner creativity back, and also let off some steam by distracting yourself from the daunting task list at hand. And that’s by watching a TV show or two. That’s right – Netflix and chill your mind out of its hiatus by choosing from this list of amazing shows that can help you out.


1. Abstract:

Netflix’s Abstract shows the life and creative processes of different designers, artists, creators, etc. It’s a detailed look into what goes on, step by step, in one’s creative process before they come up with the result that the world recognizes.

Netflix’s Abstract

It’s not just about storytelling but involves a detailed look at how the journey for an excellent innovation begins in the designer’s head and how much we take all of it for granted. Be sure to tune in to Netflix this weekend and discover a creative world that might just inspire you to do better.


2. Bojack Horseman:

Another Netflix Original, the show digs into the life of a half-human, half horse, his decline from Hollywood’s fame, and life in LA. But don’t fall for the animated overlay. Because if you look closely enough, it’s a detailed, more often than not very realistic, study of the struggles of the life and struggles of each character and their ability to deal with mental health problems.

Bojack Horseman

It’s not just about storytelling but involves a detailed look at how the journey for an excellent innovation begins in the designer’s head and how much we take all of it for granted. Be sure to tune in to Netflix this weekend and discover a creative world that might just inspire you to do better.


3. Fastest Car:

This show is exclusively for people who are into cars and other automobiles and racing, but anyone looking for something new is welcome to watch. The show discovers the life of different ordinary people, featuring 4 mechanics per episode, who build their cars and are put to test against each other in a short race.

Fastest Car

It’s an inspiring and innovative look into how different people connect based on one thing: their passion to create something new from the limited resources available to them.


4. Buzzfeed Unsolved:

Maybe it isn’t as inspirational in terms of creativity as other shows on this list but the mysteries inspected in each episode make for a good and much-needed break without losing touch of reality. And I found it to be useful in terms of increasing one’s ability to focus in some ways.

Buzzfeed Unsolved

Dive into the world of the “Ghoul Boys” as they hunt for the paranormal in the Unsolved Supernatural series while seek to find answers to classic murder mysteries in the True Crime series. The show is fun, new, and makes us observe a strong friendship between two entirely opposite people.


5. Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams:

A documentary about the band’s early days when they got their first gig to perform at a local cafe to become the phenomenon they are today, A Head Full of Dreams is a beautiful journey of watching Chris Martin and co. struggle and grow up through all the different ups and downs.

Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

The documentary revolves around friendships, conflicts, and teamwork of all the band members and their manager. Moreover, it provides a literal view of the creativity that goes behind most of the band’s top-rated songs, how they were written and what was changed to make them perfect. The inspiring story is a must-watch for every fan!


6. Chef’s Table:

A show about how chefs around the world take some common ingredients and turn them into delicious intricacies on their plates. After all, is there a better representation of human creativity other than food? The show discovers different cultural taste preferences and how the chefs try to put everything together, giving us an inside look at the chef’s creative process.

Chef's Table

Chef’s Table is a novel show stemming from a classic concept of food shows, taking a deeper dive into the world of food innovators. And if you’re a foodie, this is all the more reason for you to watch the show.


7. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

The journey of a woman whose life turns upside down that gets her on a path of discovering her hidden talents and working to become an independent stand-up comedian in an era where women leading in anything was a novel concept.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Mrs. Maisel takes you on a journey of self-discovery with a very new and awkward yet wholesome friendship displayed on-screen to make her path to success possible. It’s a must-watch for everyone who wants to be inspired, and even if that doesn’t happen for you, it doesn’t hurt to take a break and laugh, does it?


8. Minimalism:

Sometimes to walk on a detailed creative road, you have to go back to basics. Minimalism is a documentary that discovers concepts like decluttering to define how simplified ways of living are.


The show emphasizes the ‘important things’ in life and how simplicity helps in the creative process. It discusses a deeper understanding behind minimalism and how ‘less is more’ helps one in their creative journey


9. Black Mirror:

If you’re aware of current media trends, you definitely must have an awareness about what this show is about, even if you’ve never watched it. This tech-horror collection of different stories discovers the terrifying yet realistic look at how easily and quickly technology can turn against us.

Black Mirror

It’s a thought-provoking show that gives you a glimpse at the dark side of modern society and how we overlook the consequences of every change happening in the world. Once you watch it, you will never really see the world the same way again. And somehow maybe it will motivate you to do things differently than the pattern you’ve come to follow and adapt.


10. Parks and Recreation:

We all need some light humor at the end of a busy day, and Parks and Recreation promises not just that but a lot more. Watch the ever-so-motivated Leslie Knope and her not-so-motivated coworkers on their struggle of working in a small-scale government department and dealing with the harsh bureaucracy of the council even if all Leslie wants to do is get a park built in the neighborhood.

Parks and Recreation

An unusually optimistic employee in the parks department, Leslie has her heart in the right place, and it’s her years of not losing her perkiness despite working in the government that motivates everyone around her to help her out and be better themselves. The show is sure to give you the inspiration you need!


These are all the shows and documentaries that can help while you’re going through a creative block, either to give you a deeper understanding of your creative processes, make you think about the profound effect of our life’s choices, or just to give you a break and make you laugh. Taking a break is always a good choice; to make you relaxed, and to clear your head and open up your thoughts to newer ideas. There is a lot more to where this list came from, and we’d suggest you look for what gives you that click on your creative journey.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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