10 Podcasts To Inspire Your Creativity

When you work in the creative field, you are required to come up with unique ways to present ideas and messages to lure the audience. With such a huge emphasis put on creativity, all of us are bound to get into a threatening creative block that makes us feel imprisoned in our own heads. To help you get out of this creative block, we have combined a list of 10 podcasts to inspire your creativity to flow more efficiently.

1. The Pakistan Experience

A Podcast especially for the people of Pakistan, it’s not specified to one subject-matter alone rather it’s a collection of different topics and fields explored in different episodes. The Pakistan Experience has a wide range of topics, from politics to history to mental health and social problems, etc, it will definitely make you think twice and with different opinions and views in mind. Make sure to tune in for episodes by subscribing to their YouTube channel or their podcast on Apple or Google.

2. Creative Pep Talk

Are you tired of the same old tactics and strategies? Then this podcast will take that burden off of your shoulders. Each episode, the host Andy J. Pizza talks about new and different perspectives and hacks for performing the same old tasks. So tune in to learn some new views and marketing strategies and gain insight on how you can do things differently.

3. Creative Warriors

A community for entrepreneurs, innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers, and ambitious individuals, the Creative Warriors provide business-based solutions to individuals. All the topics from marketing, productivity, branding, building meaningful relationships, and living a purposeful life are discussed while keeping creative thinkers in mind.

4. Radiolab

Radiolab is called the King of all podcasts. They take a journalistic approach to cover a wide variety of subjects. Created for people obsessed to gain knowledge about all things natural, Radiolab has proved time and again why they’re such a favorite for the masses. Even if the topics don’t seem interesting at first glance, you are guaranteed to be taken on a journey of discovery and coming out of it with a better and deeper understanding of the topic

5. Adventures in Design

A morning talk show about living a creative life, AID explores the lives of creative workers and designers through interviews, digging into the question about how they implement their creativity in their everyday life. It’s an educational, inspirational, and informative podcast that teaches us how creativity manifests itself through different life forms.

6. Art vs Commerce

A podcast that hosts conversations with professionals who have made their careers out of their art. The discussions range from their personal history to exploring famous scenes that they helped create. The discussions go deeper to answer the question of how they managed to maintain their aesthetics while working in an industry that demands compromise. Listen to these experts and get inspired by how these talented professionals showcased their talent and built their profile on that basis.

7. The Unmistakable Creative

Listen to the world’s most inspiring leaders, authors, and artists about their insightful, thought-provoking, and intense stories about how they did things differently to reach where they are today. It’s a podcast that takes a newer approach to discover your life purpose; something you are bound to get inspired by.

8. People Fixing the World

A podcast by BBC World, it explores new solutions to age-old problems that our world faces to this day. The content in the episodes is deeply researched and delivered in a simple yet meaningful method. The 20-minute long episodes are worth listening to as they don’t even take up a lot of your time, while also providing you with creative thinking patterns that you may never have even explored in your head.

9. Invisibilia

The content in this podcast seeks to explore the invisible things that control our minds. It’s a highly knowledgable and unique show that is determined to introduce perspectives that will change the way you approach different situations. They investigate problems through multiple different lenses and bring you a new way of looking at things. A must-watch for all the creative thinkers out there who seem to be struggling to connect with their creative roots.

10. Your Creative Push

Your Creative Push hosts different designers, writers, artists, musicians, and other creative thinkers and workers with the goal of pushing you to pursue your passions instead of procrastinating and making excuses to delay your work. Each interviewee opens up to you and talks about the daily hurdles they face that attempt to push them back and how they deal with them to move forward.

Being a creative professional while working solo can make you feel isolated and alone more often than not. When you listen to these podcasts, you will be reminded by how you’re not the only one struggling and there are more people out there willing to motivate, inspire, and support you to do your best. If you have more podcast recommendations for us, feel free to comment below.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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