5 Listicle Formats That Can Work For Your Blog

What are Listicles?

Wondering about listicles? A listicle is a piece of content or article that’s presented in a form of a list. It’s very useful to convey the message shortly and effectively. A listicle’s title starts with any number that represents the point or bullets that are included within that article. If you want an example of a listicle, you can observe the article that you’re reading now.

Why are they great?

Listicles are a very effective and attractive way of writing content as they have various features that can grab the reader’s attention towards your article. They’ve catchy headlines and are written in a way that provides the comfort of readability to the viewer. Listicles are very easy to remember and share with others. Compared to the other articles, they are more on point and not very overloaded, that’s the reason why they’re liked more.

How can your blog benefit from Listicles?

Are you a blogger and your blogs are not ranking well in the SERPs? You must try listicles to enhance the flow of traffic and interest of the readers on your blog. Listicles can benefit you in various ways, they help a lot in retaining the reader’s interest in your blog as they are short, informative, and engaging.

Type of Listicles:

Various types of listicles are available there, some of them are described below:

1) Educational:

Listicles that give valuable information related to anything and enhance the knowledge of a person are educational listicles. Education is a very important part of life, nowadays everything has gone digital so people search for everything on the internet, writing educational listicles on your blog can help people find their required information easily.

Educational - Listicle Formats

2) Inspirational:

Inspirational listicles are those listicles, reading which people could get some inspiration. Most of the people are very less motivated to achieve big in their life, these types of listicles can help them to get motivated and become successful in their lives.

Inspirational - Listicle Formats

3) Opinion:

People are mostly searching for new things on the internet, opinion listicles can help them find out different new opinions related to whatever they want to find. Mostly opinion listicles are composed of opinions related to movies, tv-series, and other entertainment shows.


4) Curation

Curation is the process of collecting information from other places and presenting it impressively in your way. Curation listicles can have information from others provided with proper sources or links to the sources.


5) Expert Roundup

Expert roundups are the types of listicles in which experts share their advice related to anything. This type of content is very appreciated and can bring a lot of traffic flow to your blog. Expert roundups are very useful for people that are new to any field and want to gain knowledge to develop their skills in that particular field.

Expert roundup

Above are some listicle formats that can work for your blog and bring huge traffic. What do you think about the article? Feel free to comment.

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