How Using Emotions Can Keep Your Readers Coming At Your Page

We, as writers and bloggers, have a short time to grab our readers’ attention before losing them to disinterest. It takes more than just good-quality content to grab their attention and keep our audience engaged. Experience matters a lot to us humans. It keeps us fueled and keeps us going. Using your emotions in your writings can easily grab the reader’s attention, as they might relate to your content. It is all about connecting with them and keeping them engaged on an emotional level.

Here are some tips on how you can use emotions to keep your readers from coming back to your page:

Relating to Readers

Creating valuable content requires proper research. You need to understand what motivates your readers and their likes and dislikes and experiences to relate to them. You can do this by finding your target audience and representing them through audience personas. You can create audience personas through the following steps:

  • Look for feedback
  • Check your analytics
  • Engagement with your audience
  • Conduct surveys and interviews of buyers and audience
  • Learn their interests

It will prepare you to write about their particular desires and give your target audience what they have been looking for. This content, all in one place, contains the required details.

Express Yourself

The creation of good content requires good writing. You must use both visual elements and words to literally and metaphorically paint a picture for your readers. Painting a picture depends on the words you use, which can conjure up distinct experiences for the audience. By experiences we mean those that link with our emotions. Thus, words such as “worry”, “meltdown”, “blissful”, “serene”. can create emotional responses. Meanwhile, words like “communication”, “concept” etc. do not describe any emotions, hence they do not have any experiences attached to them.

Use Descriptive Writing and Storytelling

Stories can cause a sense of closeness to the writer in our minds. A good narrative can catch the interest of your reader and thus allow them to reflect the characters’ feelings. Once the audience has read the story, they are apt to feel a lot like the characters did in the story. This can then push them towards a certain goal as a pleasant story can resonate with your readers.

Make Your Content Beneficial for Your Readers

Including valuable information and claims data has proved that is also an important tactic to keep bringing your readers back. This can also be helpful if you add in your own experiences, which further proves that the information that you have provided is correct. Although, keep in mind that what you have written is a hundred percent authentic because authenticity is just as experience.

Provide Fun and Memorable Experiences

Experiential marketing creates a bond between the brand and its audience by indulging them in a memorable and fun experience. For example, when a fan said that they wanted to have a sleepover at IKEA, the company took the chance to immerse their consumers in a memorable experience by having a sleepover at an IKEA warehouse in the UK. around 100K people joined their Facebook group, out of which a hundred got to have that sleepover.

What you can do is hold live Q/A sessions, offer free samples, or prepare a major giveaway and keep your audience engaged.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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