Careem Drone Deliveries – An Ease for Pakistanis

On the 10th of June 2021, Careem conducted a pilot test with its food delivery service by making deliveries with the help of a drone. This experiment was limited to only a number of deliveries in just Karachi and Lahore, and it’s the initial phase of what Careem expresses to be a more convenient future when it comes to providing efficient delivery services.

Careem Pakistan stated that this limited number of deliveries allowed for the company to assess whether drone deliveries are practically feasible in Pakistan so that they can further research into how this new technology can be extended to make Careem Now more accessible for people around the country.

Drone deliveries are becoming the next big thing in the food delivery industry, with Uber also testing the process on its Uber Eats platform in foreign countries. Moreover, in 2020 Amazon also got the go-ahead to operate a fleet of drones for deliveries. On the same note, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is also testing drone deliveries in Australia. Whereas in Japan, restrictions on drones are being lifted gradually to allow more efficient deliveries across the country through drones.

In China,, an Alibaba-owned meal delivery service, has gotten the approval to use drones for their food delivery service limited to 17 predetermined routes in Shanghai suburbs. This has cut down delivery time to 20 minutes, which is a significant amount of time saved, given how the traffic in Shanghai hinders deliveries done conventionally.

Careem states that this new invention will decrease environmental pollution, given the amount of fuel and other factors that come into play when delivering food and other items through road vehicles.

Furthermore, roads have traffic lights, turns, bends, etc. that end up wasting a lot of your time and slowing down your entire journey to be tiring and inefficient. So even if with a restricted route, apps like Careem NOW will have a much better and faster way of efficiently completing your order without you having to wait a long time to receive your food.

With the initial stages of the drone delivery research well underway, we still don’t know how long it will take for this to become a norm for delivery apps to practice on a daily basis, and what laws will be placed into regulating the process. But there’s no doubt this is a new and unique method to use technology to make the environment better and make the customer journey more efficient.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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