CxO Forum’s Global Digital Summit – A foray into Pakistan’s tech landscape

When it comes to the growth and development of the tech landscape in Pakistan, we’re seeing a lot of movement, mostly due to names like Daraz, Foodpanda, Airlift, and enablers and incubators like Extreme Commerce, Enablers, and others.

However, there are only a few names that bring executives and teams from these companies into the limelight, to talk about what happens in the background of all the success. However, one name has been pretty consistent in highlighting the work of such brands and their progress, and it is the CxO Global Forum.

An exclusive platform for C-level executives from across the globe, the CxO Forum is usually found hosting seminars, conferences, and discussions involving Pakistani and international managers from reputable organizations. Their Ed-Tech Summit was one such event that talked about educational technology and its growth after the pandemic, and they recently held a virtual summit named the Global Digital Summit that followed that was an extensive and informative foray into the current technological landscape of Pakistan, including the growth of various niches and startups, new developments in the market, and new entry points that can facilitate stakeholders of the industry.

The Global Digital Summit, or GDS, was held in partnership with SalSoft, and was a four-day event that included talks from renowned organizations that are playing their part in growing the technological landscape of Pakistan.

Here are a few very interesting discussions and talks from the conference.

Not only was the conference a success, but it also brought forward a lot of discourse that can help tech founders, owners, and teams create their own success stories while learning from the existing players in the market. A commendable effort by CxO Forum, the conference has proven that Pakistan’s tech landscape is growing, and still has room to bring more innovation on board that can turn the face of the industry around.

Tell us what you liked the best from these talks, or visit the CxO Forum official YouTube channel to listen to more discussions from the conference.

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