All You Need to Know About the New iPhone 13

Apple debuted its new iPhone line for the year 2021 on the 18th of September. The iPhone 13 has a few tweaks that have got people raving about it and waiting in line to get their hands on the new phone. It has a variety of new features for those who want to upgrade their old models. The new lineup consists of four brand-new phones, i.e. iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. These new phones run with the latest iOS 15, with a greater storage space, larger battery, multiple new camera features, a smaller notch, and even a new A15 Bionic processor.

Let’s talk about the colors…

The new iPhones 13 and 13 Mini come in different colors, i.e. midnight (black), product red, starlight (white), pink, and blue.

iPhone 13 Colors

Why so many models?

As the new lineup of iPhones consists of 4 different models – 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max – all four models come with different features such as storage space, camera functions, price, etc.

iPhone 13 Colors

                                                                                          Credits: CNET

What’s up with the cameras?

As always, the new iPhone 13 lineup also has an updated camera system. According to Apple, the new orientation, i.e. diagonal rear cameras, is a result of creating more room in order to accommodate a new sensor-based stabilization system. This was previously only available for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Additionally, the 12-megapixel main camera on all four models of iPhone 13 has been enhanced, with ultrawide lens and sensor. The upgraded hardware, combined with the new A15 Bionic chip, brings a slew of new capabilities and improvements, including the ability to catch 47 percent more light.

A new triple-camera setup with improved lenses and sensors is also included in the iPhone 13 Pro. The 3 times optical zoom telephoto lens is one and a half times longer than the lens on the iPhone 12 Pro and 1.2x longer than the telephoto lens on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This is a huge improvement for iPhones, according to many, but some still stick with the opinion that it is still not a great update when compared with the newer Samsung Galaxy and Huawei models.

Let’s talk about battery…

A larger battery is probably the most convenient improvement disclosed with the iPhone 13. Apple didn’t specify how big the iPhone 13 battery is, but it claims that it provides 2.5 hours of power to the iPhone 13 when combined with iOS 15, the A15 chip, and an upgraded display as compared to the iPhone 12.

Quite interesting, right? Though, a lot of people wanted a brighter pink color in the new lineup, so let’s hope Apple doesn’t keep us waiting too long. Let us know what you think about the new iPhone 13!

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