EdTech Summit 2021 by the CxO Global Forum – A Disruptive Discourse for Education and Beyond

Education is an important part of every economy but its growth in Pakistan has always been a point of concern, especially after COVID-19 when the industry was faced with a very urgent need to adapt to digital technologies.

Since then, there have been multiple stakeholders who’ve worked on bringing digital inclusivity to the educational sector, and one of the most recent ones is the CxO Global Forum. An exclusive platform for C-level executives from across the globe, the CxO Forum recently held Pakistan’s first Online EdTech Summit 2021, a flagship event where 50+ stakeholders and thought leaders got together to discuss the current scenario of the education sector in terms of digital adaptability and disruption.

Right now in Pakistan, there’s a constantly growing digital community that understands how important digital is for the economy, but the need to translate this awareness to other sectors, especially education, is something we actively need to work on and that was one of the key points discussed in the EdTech Summit on CxO. The discussions took into consideration the age of information technology that we are living in, and how, with Industry-Academia Linkages from emerging markets, can this technology be incorporated into our educational industries.

The EdTech Summit included discussions on topics like Secure Connections for Education, Need for Digital Inclusion in Education, Digital Literacy, Adapting Curriculums, 21st Century Skills for stakeholders of the industry, and even Lessons from Africa on Capacity Enhancement. These talks were presented by speakers including Jibran Jamshed from Microsoft, Alia Zafar from the Bank of Punjab, Sadaf Sheikh from PepsiCo, Naeem Tariq from the Virtual University, and international speakers like Alper Berber, Dr Frank Lee Harper, Puruesh Chaudhary, and Jaye Richard-Hill.

The Summit also featured case studies of disruptive educational startups like Learning Pitch, Edvon Robotics, Kidsloop, Teletaleem and Each One Teach One. The Summit had a speaker line up from both national and international industries, and led to a lot of successful discourse about education, technology, and digital learning.

It is great for us to see how events like the EdTech Summit are being organized and launched from Pakistan and we look forward to the growth and disruption such events can bring in our educational ecosystem.

Watch the EdTech Summit 2021 talks on YouTube or CxO’s official website.

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