5 Best Quarantine Habits We Should Keep Forever

The year 2020 has been depressing for a lot of people. There have been a major part of the global population that ended up losing their jobs, not to mention the fear of the pandemic and trying to deal with all of it practically. But we’re not here to focus on the negative. For once, we want to focus on the good things the pandemic opened our eyes to.

To those fortunate enough, the lockdown gave them the opportunity to relax and find time for themselves, which they had been deprived of because of the lives they were leading before.

With time to reflect upon their lives, a shift in people’s perspective took place. As lives slowed down a little, we started to question if all that rush was even necessary. Those who let jobs define their lives started to reevaluate themselves, thinking how ignorant they have been by letting capitalist competitiveness define their self-worth. The realization that the things that were making us appear “successful” were also making us miserable, hit us like a lightning bolt, and suddenly the ‘normal’ that we had unthinkingly come to accept, didn’t seem so normal anymore.

Most importantly, staying cooped up at home for months has enabled us to prioritize that which is important, and taught us the ways to do it. Moreover, as a way of coping with these pressing times, some good habits got developed that we should keep practicing even after going back to the ‘normal’ that we oh so yearned for at a certain point during the pandemic.


So, apart from the bad, have you given a thought to the good things Covid-19 has brought in our lives? I’m sure some time ago you’d have had a hard time even imagining good things taking place in such a crisis, but you’d not be so surprised now, at least not after reading this article. Let’s talk about those quarantine habits, shall we?

Reducing Consumerism

People were forced into spending less when so many businesses got shut due to quarantine. And how can you even spend money if the one thing that’s open is the grocery store?

spending habits - Best Quarantine Habits

The continuous stay at home caused a decline in our urge to buy things impulsively and as our focus shifted towards the people around us the need for instant gratification vanished and we started investing in long-term happiness by paying attention to ourselves.

I believe it’s high time that we reassess our necessities, spend money more cautiously and stop indulging too much in luxurious ventures.

Spending Time Away from Devices

Most people are guilty of aimless scrolling through social platforms and reading useless things that have a negative impact on their mood leading to stress. In the current circumstances people were compelled to spend more time together with their families, which made it easy to let go of devices. This practice has had a positive influence, lessening anxiety, and promoting good mood. Research shows that meaningful human connections are fundamental to having good mental health.

away from devices - Best Quarantine Habits

Furthermore, board and card games made their way back into our lives, giving us a chance to feel closer, decreasing the distances that came between us because of busy schedules. Coming from personal experience, my screen-time reduced during the quarantine, which led me to spend more time with my niece, elevating my mood in general.

People have confessed that keeping their gadgets away has made them more productive, and less tense. Therefore, reducing the time spent on social media could do wonders for our mental well-being, giving us the peace of mind to take part in creative endeavors, and hopefully, we won’t be tempted to go back to our old ways once the lockdown is lifted.

Slowing Down and Lowering our Expectations

The rush we’ve been in all our lives has negatively impacted our mental and physical health. We have been on the move most of our lives, and now that Covid-19 slowed our lives a little, we are acknowledging how the rush was unnecessary. We expect too much of ourselves, living in dread and paranoia of not being able to meet those expectations.

slow down

The idea that we need to be productive no matter what’s going on in our lives is completely unnatural because we are human beings and we need a break to recharge. Thanks to the slowed-down pace of life, our priorities are changing and now we are finding joy in the little things.

Exercising Everyday

Owing to the research-proven benefits of exercising, many people resorted to working out to cope with these trying and struggling times. Since gym-facilities shut down due to Covid-19, people went for long walks. Initially, it was just an excuse to get out of the house, but later it became a form of self-care.

cat exercise

Individuals who were not into fitness at all got into it and they were amazed at the results. It improved their focus, gave them mental clarity, and helped them get quality sleep. So, pandemic or not, my advice is to make regular exercise a part of your daily life.

Taking Out Time for Hobbies

Hobbies that had been put aside are becoming the highlight of our days in quarantine. The passions we once thought we had no time for, have shaped themselves into self-care now. Books that were getting buried under layers of dust got a fair chance of being read. Old, worn-out guitars were finding their way in people’s hands, after years of being forgotten in the small corner of a room. With so much time on their hands, people even took the liberty to get enrolled in creative online courses.


It might seem counter-intuitive, but research has proven that to be successful in your career, it is important to have a life outside of your job as it makes you more creative and shows that you possess passion and drive; the qualities that most companies are looking for in their employees.

In my opinion, these are really amazing quarantine habits that we should make a part of our lives forever. I know it’s hard to maintain a habit after developing it, but it’s not impossible so don’t give up so easily even if you have a strong urge to go back to your old ways.

Bushra Arif

A molecular geneticist who has a passion for photography. A part-time free baby sitter, whose one and only love is her niece.

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