6 Independence Day Ads That Won Our Hearts

14th august is a day when brands get the opportunity to express their patriotism by showcasing how their products best define the emotions for independence. Each year Pakistani brands on social media adopt a similar Independence Day theme along with various other festivities for the day. They advertise, offer deals, and even change their whole theme entirely to give it a more patriotic feel. So to learn from their efforts and share some of their best work, we’ve made a list of the brands and their ads which have won our hearts:

1- Ufone 14th August:

Ufone is known for its enthusiastic marketing campaigns. One of their top campaigns for this event was their ad with Wasim Akram – where they urged every Pakistani to raise the national flag with pride and honor, stressing that we should be proud of our country.

Using our country’s flag, icon, and power, Ufone managed to reach out well with this soul-stirring commercial to its audience. Wasim Akram was the leading head of the commercial and his words, “Kyunki agar aaj hum dobara jhanda lehrana shuru kardein, tou yaqeenan doobara jhanday gaarna bhi shuru kardaingay” ignited emotions and touched citizens’ hearts.

The idea of this connection, and of persuading the country to celebrate independence day gloriously, highlighted not only the day but also Ufone itself.

2- Bonanza Satrangi:

Centered around the idea of “Azaadi Mera Libaas” the ad was presented from the point of view of Bismah Maroof, an international cricketer for Pakistan’s national cricket team. The ad goes to show numerous examples of how Pakistani women are claiming their rights in different domains, and ends with a powerful message of how Azaadi as a concept is changing for Pakistan, and for its women.

3- Dettol:

Dettol seemed to be on the right track with their campaign featuring Jawed Ahamd’s patriotic song to Shahid Afridi, the boom boom sensation who had a message for all the kids on this independence day. Dettol and Shahid Afridi teamed up with the tagline for a safe and stable Pakistan, “Jab sehat mand hoga pakistan tabhi toh badhega Pakistan”.

4- Wall’s Pakistan:

Using the ingredients of a National Day recipe to tell the story of how teamwork, persistence, and hard work built a country with great effort, this light-hearted ad from Wall’s is both heartwarming, and worth being an eye candy.

5- Khaadi:

Another best ad on the list conveys a rather insightful message, using examples from Khaadi’s core portfolio, without ever showcasing the product or attempting to make a buck off the day. It then includes an assembly of people in Pakistan, all declaring “Main bhi Pakistan houn” through which inclusion, diversity, and freedom are celebrated in the commercial.

6- Careem

Careem boasts as one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing brands. Last year for Independence day, Careem encouraged its customers to take a selfie with their captain and share it on social media on the 14th of August with the hashtag #Careem14thAugust, giving them a chance to win prizes in ride credits and more.

These were my best pick of the most heart-warming independence day ads. With the way digital media keeps getting more and more creative every passing day, I’m sure we’ll get a lot more this year that will win our hearts yet again. On that note, if you have more suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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