The 6 Best Pakistani Illustrators On Instagram

Pakistan is full of all kinds of talented people. But let’s just be honest: in terms of arts and culture, Pakistan is making progress at a very slow pace, and it needs to have a better appreciation for its culture and artists. Although Pakistan is filled with talented artists, it’s a shame that even the mainstream ones don’t usually get their due credit. That is why it doesn’t come to us as a surprise that visual artists would not get the recognition they so deserve. We believe it’s about time that these visual artists got the popularity that they need for the masterpieces they create. Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled a list of Pakistani illustrators on Instagram whose work is going to blow your minds.

1. Aamina Hashmi – poday_wali

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Apart from being an illustrator, designer, and freelancer, the artist is a huge plant enthusiast which her Instagram handle clearly shows. The artwork is centered around social stigmas, and she mostly derives her inspiration from nature and social problems. The ideas that she weaves together are also influenced by pop culture.

2. Umair Najeeb Khan – umairnajeebkhan

Based in Islamabad, Umair is a freelancer working as a comic book artist who aspires to be a compelling storyteller. The youngster rose to fame when his version of Pakistani superheroes, Paak Legion, went viral on the internet. He mostly illustrates children’s books and publicity designs for films.

3. Shehzil Malik – shehzilm

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The news feed of this creative lady is filled with colorful and sometimes rustic illustrations. She is the acting art director of Ogilvy One, and in New York City she was also a part of the Arcade creative group at Sony Music. On top of that, she has also been supportive of Othoye, a solopreneurs venture that is based in Lahore. The artist is an award-winning illustrator whose work focuses on feminism, human rights identity of the South Asian people. She has a passion for social change and her work embodies that passion.

4. Saleha Kamran – thecreativepea

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More than her name, the artist is better known as the creative pea, her social media handle. She is based in Islamabad and has a passion for computer-generated imagery art. The artist has majored in printmaking at the National College of Arts. What fascinates her the most is telling stories through animation and comics.

5. Hazem Asif – worldofhazem

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This young Pakistani illustrator based in Lahore works as a research-based graphic designer.  His work is solely based on speculative designs, that act as a medium of initiating positive cultural and social discussions. The fiction he designs aims to raise awareness, challenges old-age assumptions, and question that which is not known.

6. Maha Abdul Alaam – poichanchan

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A self-taught idea artist, who works on video games and animations. Her feed is a treat especially for the eyes of those who are anime fans. Her posts on Instagram showcase her ability to create cute illustrations and even make fierce Manga characters. For the most part, she loves storytelling and how the uncooked energy of the medium allows her to touch hearts as well as minds.

You need to follow these Instagram accounts if you have a taste for creativity, or if you are a struggling visual artist looking for some inspiration. And if you know any artist in your vicinity whose work you like feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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