5 Tips For Instagram Influencers

Each Instagram influencer wants their Instagram account to be popular. They attract people with their content. Instagram has multiple influencer accounts, with each account competing with the other.

Following are some tips for Instagram influencers to grow their account and become successful in their social niche:

1) Post consistently:

Post twice or thrice a day. Don’t stop posting and stay consistent to attract people. This way your feed remains fresh and interesting and you have more chances for your content to draw eyeballs. Knowing when it’s best to post on Instagram is also important.

2) Choose the right hashtags:

Selecting the best hashtag is also another important tip. To find the best hashtag to communicate with your targeted followers, use a combination of trendy and industry-specific hashtags. Study each hashtag for the best performance. Do not use a lot of hashtags as it looks non-targeted and unprofessional. Use fewer hashtags or seven for many likes.
Make sure that the hashtags you pick are really what they claim to be, i.e. catering to the topic of your post, and don’t repeat using a specific hashtag in every post as Instagram algorithms will deem your post to be irrelevant if you do so.

3) Keep your bio fresh:

Bio is the first thing every follower sees. Your bio should contain a clear and simple idea of what your account is about. Tell your followers who you are, what’s the account about. Add a link in the bio when you are working on something new.
Doing this informs prospective followers what kind of content they should expect from you and keep your new traffic audience aware of current followers.

4) Don’t preach – tell stories:

Via photos, videos, and text you can inspire viewers, not literally preach marketing memos at them. Instead, become a storyteller to increase engagement rates, offering stories through captions, videos, Instagram stories, and your profile aesthetic. Today, people crave communication and storytelling is a way of creating this experience.

5) Don’t let haters get you down:

Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Myleik Teele shares a sentiment: “If people are checking for you, they don’t HATE you, they’re upset with themselves because you succeeded in spite of the excuses they made for themselves,” she says in her Instagram story.
This simply means that you can not let haters define your influential worth on social media; haters are mostly people who want to be where you are and instead of letting that pull you down, you should use it as a motivation to rise above the ladder.

These are some tips for Instagram influencers to not just grow their brand but also ‘influence’ in the true sense of the word. Do you have any other tips in mind? Feel free to comment.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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