5 Best Practices For Instagram Stories

It’s not news to us that stories are a big deal on Instagram. Instagram just took that feature from Snapchat and made the stories its own. It has become an essential marketing tactic since its release, with constant updates and additions being made to the feature, to a point that if a brand wants to reach its full potential it’s almost impossible to make it happen without using the stories feature actively. Come to think of it, when half the Instagram monthly users use stories, is it possible for your brand to be successful without incorporating it in your marketing strategy? I’m afraid not.

According to stats, approximately 62% of Instagram users said that they become interested in a brand after they came across it in their stories. So, whether you are a newbie at this Instagram story business, or you have been using it but are unable to reap its benefits to the fullest, we are here to help. In this blog, we are going to discuss Instagram stories’ best practices, so you can get the best out of this feature.

1. Utilize stickers often in your stories

The Instagram stickers help you add information to your story in a stylish way, which makes your content aesthetically more pleasing. The platform has different kinds of stickers that, if used appropriately, can produce great results. There are a variety of stickers that the platform offers, like the hashtag, location, poll, and emoji poll stickers. My personal favorite is the poll stickers. They are one of the quickest ways to get-to-know your audience, which allows you to get a better insight into realizing what your focus should be to make your users happy.

2. To make your photos stand out use apps

Boomerangs are the first thing you think of when you want to make your Instagram stories interesting, but in addition to that, there are apps like hype type and adobe spark that have features specifically tailored for Instagram stories.

Providing you with highly creative overlays and what-not, these apps could just be the thing to make your stories shine.

3. Go live often

You can go live on Instagram through stories. The feature allows you to broadcast your content in real-time. Most importantly it lets your audience interact with you via comments on-the-spot, and that’s the reason it’s perfect for having a q&a session with your users. It is one of the best ways to build lasting relationships with your audience, and the exciting part is that your viewers get a notification every time you go live, meaning even if they didn’t know you’re going to be live, they get to know about it as soon as you do and can interact with you immediately.

4. Make a habit of saving your stories as highlights

Bummed out at the thought of having your content disappear after twenty-four hours? Then highlights are here to save your day. When you save stories as highlights, you give your followers a chance to watch your content even after months of having shared them. On top of that, with highlights, you can organize your stories under designated categories, which makes it easier for your clients to maneuver through your content and easily find what they may be looking for.

5. Use story ads to promote your brand

Running ads on your Instagram stories puts your content in front of a new and well-targeted audience that is specific to your brand. Just concoct a story that you feel like promoting, and it’ll be shown to the audience of your choosing while it sifts through their story feed.

With attention span decreasing generation after generation, Instagram stories might be just the thing you need to efficiently market your business that is if you do it correctly. So go ahead and utilize these best practices to drive the maximum benefits for your brand.

Bushra Arif

A molecular geneticist who has a passion for photography. A part-time free baby sitter, whose one and only love is her niece.

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