5 Clever Strategies To Market Your Fashion Brand

If you think you’ve achieved everything just by launching your fashion brand, you’re wrong! A brand can not be successful unless you know exactly how to reach your audience and market it correctly. In this blog, I will provide a few very easy tricks and tips that can make a HUGE difference in your marketing game.

1. Collaborate with influencers and local art galleries!

Partnering with some well-known influencers such as fashion bloggers can easily help you reach out to your target audience and increase traffic on your website/brand. It can be thought of like a give and take relationship, you give your product to attract their followers. So, it’s best to make a list of some known personalities and get in contact with them to collaborate. Most influencers accept such offers because it helps them and the brand to grow simultaneously. Similarly, getting in touch with some local art galleries to showcase your latest collection in the form of a small fashion show can easily attract a lot of potential buyers.

Collaborate with influencers - Fashion Brand

2. Pay attention to your website!

It came off very shocking to me when I found out that many people don’t pay attention to their websites and let it sit aside, even though a brand’s website works as the window display of a shop! Customers will come towards it only if it’s attractive and easy to use. If a website is bland and unresponsive, it can be an instant turn off and you will lose a large number of potential customers. If it’s catchy and smooth, it will easily attract customers, and trust me, it’s all about online shopping!

Pay attention to your website

3. Stress upon deals and offers!

How many times did you hear about an “exclusive offer” and were highly tempted to buy it? In my case, I always end up buying! Deals such as buy 1, get 1 free or offers such as 20% off for the next 24 hours attract customers like bees towards honey. Keep coming up with smart offers from time to time, but don’t go over the board and end up killing the joy and excitement of a sale, your clients may think it’s an everyday thing and stop taking interest at one point. Just remember that your aim is to create an urge to purchase your products.

promo code - Fashion Brand

4. Make the most out of social media!

Social media holds more power than anything in this world, it can literally help you conquer the world then why not use it smartly? It doesn’t even cost anything! (except for paid promotions if you’re really willing to promote your brand as much as possible). Putting up creative blogs, making short and interesting styling videos, giving sneak peaks in your Instagram and Facebook stories, putting up announcements about your upcoming collections, all these small yet impactful actions can help you create curiosity and interest in your audience and easily help your brand succeed.


Holding out-of-the-box ad campaigns on social media is also a great way to reach out, check out how “Generation” does this to learn more (https://bemainstream.com/how-generation-uses-human-content-for-their-brand).

5. Remind clients about their shopping carts!

70% of customers abandon their carts even after spending hours on it, and I am one of them. Emails that work as reminders are a great way to bring a customer back. Remarketing ads can also play an essential role in this matter, all you need is a system to remind your client of their unfinished business!

shopping cart - Fashion Brand

Marketing is not as hard as it sounds, all you need to do is know your buyer’s persona and be smart! I hope these simple tricks will help you up your fashion marketing game and do let us know which one was most helpful to you.

Seemal Khan

Fashion textiles and design student who loves creating anything and everything! Can be occasionally addicted to Netflix.

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