How Generation Uses Human Content For Their Brand

In this highly competitive era your brand must stand out in order to succeed and Generation, being one of the oldest Pakistani brands, knows exactly how to do that! In this blog we will take a look at the unique and impactful campaigns Generation has been making use of to establish their ethnicity and make a personal connection with their customers.

Dupatta Challenge:

Most recent and my personal favorite, the dupatta challenge created by generation during quarantine (the unforgettable COVID-19 days), was about different ways a “dupatta” can be used. They challenged their followers to showcase some creative ways of using a dupatta, upload it, tag them and further nominate 5 more friends to do this challenge using their hashtag #dupattachallenge and #100waysofusing a dupatta. What a great strategy to engage with your fans and market your newly launched dupatta collection! A lot of public and even some local celebrities uploaded their creative ideas and the campaign was a success.

Plus-Size Fashion:

Even though introduced long ago in the western world, Generation became the first street fashion brand in Pakistan to introduce plus-size fashion. This ad campaign gained immense love from their followers as their bubbly models sent out purely positive vibes.

Their inclusivity recognized segments of society that are mostly neglected, setting them apart from other cliché ad campaigns. A lot of people found it relatable and used hashtags such as #nobodyshaming to promote this campaign.

Shahnaz ki Shaadi:

Breaking stereotypes as always, Generation’s campaign “Shahnaz Ki Shaadi” exhibited a middle-aged woman dressed up as a bride, a concept highly frowned upon in our society because “LOG KYA KAHENGE?”.

The shoot showed different wedding events as the supposedly “old” bride dressed in beautiful colors instead of the dull “budhay rang”. White hair (that is so not accepted) instead of the artificially dyed hair on a middle-aged woman broke yet another stereotype. And again, Generation aced the marketing game!

Pass the Pink:

Another hashtag generation made great use of social media was #PassthePink. Taking into consideration the need to spread awareness about breast cancer, they asked their female followers to follow the 3 steps which may help in saving a life. This campaign also received a lot of support and even though it did not showcase anything related to their brand, it just made us fall in love with them and their ideas even more!

Nai Rang:

Stressing highly on women empowerment and body love, the “Nai Rang” marketing campaign made use of models with different skin tones and skin conditions. It sent out the message to end discrimination as we all stand equal and to love yourself the way you are. Once again their creatively inclusive idea won so many hearts all over the country!

Sohni Dharti:

Despite creating a lot of confusion for some time, the sohni dharti campaign highlighted the upcoming dangers in our homeland due to our neglectful actions such as plastic pollution, air pollution, water wastage, etc. They also made use of a very old and popular song “sohni-dharti” leaving their fans feeling nostalgic. Even though not as successful as their many other campaigns, Generation still managed to become a hot topic of the time.

Looking at such campaigns makes us realize how important it can be for a brand to not just sell, but connect with their potential customers in order to grow. I hope you liked these campaigns as much as I did and let us know about your favorite campaigns too!

Seemal Khan

Fashion textiles and design student who loves creating anything and everything! Can be occasionally addicted to Netflix.

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Naqoosh zahra
Naqoosh zahra
October 6, 2020 3:11 pm

Such an interesting read loved it😍

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