Capture Your Customers Using These Power Words!

A word that often evokes an emotional response in the target audience, leading to the desired outcome. They are called power words because they are so convincing that people just can’t resist being influenced by them. They can be used by any marketer – even inexperienced ones.

1. Giveaway

Giveaway is something given freely, often for promotional purposes. By creating a Giveaway and using the word on websites and social media it’s easy to turn prospects into consumers.

2. Discount

Discounts are what everyone needs, even wealthy people hope for discounts. Only hearing the term discount alone can bring on an act of prospect. Most customers will buy from the same outlet giving discounts again and again.

3. Exclusive

There are three groups of consumers. In group one consumers who love cheap things, in group two consumers who love expensive things, and in group three consumers who are between the other two groups. The word exclusive gets the attention of people in the second group. If the target market is people who love unique and classy things you can attract them by using the word exclusive on your sales page.

4. Special

If the product is special the customers need to know why. What is so special in the product. Consumers are never afraid of paying cash for a particular product. If the product is uniquely different the word would increase the sale.

5. Limited

This word is used a lot to prompt sales on the websites. If an opportunity is small the consumers are motivated to respond quickly to avoid missing out.

6. Free

Free is another powerful word that attracts customers. In this era of inflation who don’t want gifts or offers which provide things free of cost. Free is the word by which most of the consumers are attracted.

7. Trust

A lot of people in the past have trusted and been let down. It’s difficult for them to trust again. It’s important to gain the trust of consumers. Using the word trust is a great place to start.

8. More

Most people are not satisfied with what they have, they want more. Few people live the lifestyle of minimalism. There are a lot of products and consumers who want to try them all. By using the word more people are going to get attracted and try the latest products.

9. New

Just like more people also want new things. Some people want to be the first amongst all to buy a new product. People desire new things, promising them something new in sales is going to boost up the selling of products.

10. Save

People want to save money, time, and effort. They often look for ways to achieve the same result with less time, fewer resources, and less energy. That’s why the word saves is a powerful word in the marketing and advertising industry.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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